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How to navigate the Toolkit

The Scaling Impact Toolkit is organised in accordance with the three stages of our unique and proved methodology – strategy, model, and implementation. The toolkit currently features tools in the strategy and model stage, with new tools coming up soon for the implementation stage.

Not sure where to start?

If you’re not sure where to start, head over to our ‘Collections’ – lists of tools to help you achieve a particular objective, whether it’s getting your scaling plans off the ground, becoming financially sustainable, identifying your ideal pathway to scale and the partners you need to support your model or other challenges you may be currently encountering.

Coming soon!


In this stage, you will learn how to develop the systems and processes needed to implement and pilot in new locations, and scale up your impact sustainably. The tools will help you:

  • Develop and implement systems, processes, support functions and materials to support your scaling journey
  • Pilot in new locations, and continuously test, learn and iterate
  • Deliver sustained impact at scale


Read through these FAQs to get a better sense of the different key concepts used throughout the toolkit, and answer any questions you may have.

What do you mean by 'solution'?

By solution we mean the programme, project, service, or intervention your want to scale up. That 'thing' that you want to ensure makes an impact at a much larger scale.

What do you mean by 'scaling impact'?

At Spring, we recognise that ‘scale’ can be a buzzword that’s talked about in different contexts but often not understood or practically defined. To us, scaling is about increasing social impact to better match the size of the problems that exist in society. This way, if your team is scaling a solution, you are dramatically expanding its impact in a way that is operationally and financially sustainable.

What would be the best tool to start with?

It all depends on where you are on your journey to scale so far, but generally, starting with the Scale Readiness Diagnostic tool might be good, as it will help you clarify how ready you are and what your next steps should be:

I'm quite advanced on my journey to scale. What tools should I use?

There's plenty of tools that could help you put your scaling plans, strategy, and approaches into practice effectively. You might want to check out our 'Validate, test, and learn' collection, which could help you validate your plans and accelerate your learning through real-world testing:

Can you tell me more about Spring Impact?

Spring Impact was founded out of frustration. Frustration that some of the best, world changing social innovations that should scale up don’t. Over the last 10 years, we've used our unique scaling methodology and consultancy approach to support over 300 organisations across the world to take their vital work to scale and reach more people sustainably.

What other scaling support do you have available?

We offer courses, programmes, and consultancy tailored to your organisational and individual needs. You can find out all about these on our Services page. If you're at the beginning of your scaling journey and you know you want to scale up, but don’t know where to start, check out Getting Scale Ready, our 5-week online practical training course designed to help you overcome the most common barriers to scale:

Who can I get in touch with if I have any questions?

We'd love to hear from you, so don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

New online course

Getting Scale Ready

Kick-start your journey to achieving greater impact with Getting Scale Ready – online practical training  course designed to help you overcome the most common barriers to scale and gain a tangible, tested strategy to progress sustainably.

Applications open until 19 February.


If you are utilising our toolkit for the first time and have a few minutes to give us feedback to support the future development, we very much appreciate any thoughts you can share in this form.

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