Planned Parenthood on innovating in times of crisis: bonus Mission to Scale interview

In this special Mission to Scale episode, Planned Parenthood Chief Global Strategy and Innovation Officer, Dawn Laguens, talks about the importance of innovation and collaboration for delivering Planned Parenthood’s crucial services to more people, how the organization is addressing the Roe Vs Wade crisis and what we can expect in the future for reproductive rights in the United States.

“This ruling fundamentally says women cannot be trusted to know what is best for themselves and that our lives and our bodies are not our own, that they belong at some level to the state. That people who can get pregnant are now the one group to be explicitly denied bodily autonomy and integrity by the law. And it’s infuriating.”

The Mission to Scale podcast releases an exclusive episode with Planned Parenthood Chief Global Strategy and Innovation Officer, Dawn Laguens.  For over a century, Planned Parenthood has expanded reproductive health care services in the United States while leading the fight for reproductive rights. Here at Spring Impact, we have been working with their team for over a year, and are constantly inspired by the vital work they do in this fight.

In this special episode, Dan Berelowitz, Founder of Spring Impact, sits down with Dawn to hear more about Planned Parenthood’s journey, its critical work in the US and beyond on reproductive health, and what we can expect in the future for reproductive rights in the United States.

Dawn  reflects on the US Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe vs Wade, sharing her unique insights on what this means for the future of reproductive rights in the US: “Abortion is actually written all over the Constitution because it’s called freedom and equality… So our job is to do our very best to change the culture, the technology, the law, and to use innovation to try and speed our return to the Constitution. As fast as we can.”

Dawn and Dan speak against this backdrop about Planned Parenthood’s vision for growth and innovation, their ongoing work with Spring Impact and the importance of global partnerships in helping them deliver their critical services to the people that need them most.

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