Identify objectives. Understand the ecosystem around the problem you exist to solve, and establish foundational scaling goals. 

Improve readiness to scale. Develop a scalable solution and a capable organisation to lead the process.

Financial sustainability. Secure reliable funding sources and identify payers for large-scale delivery.

Build scale strategies. Develop a clear pathway that leverages your organisation’s unique position in your ecosystem.


Quality delivery. Identify partners and design systems for them to deliver with quality. 

Operational excellence. Develop operational and financial models and effective governance structures to deliver your strategy.

De-risk scale strategy. Rapidly test strategic choices in the real world and avoid wasting resources. 


Integrate lean testing practices. Build culture, skills and processes to continuously iterate and innovate. 

Scale leadership. Building teams’ confidence, clarity and alignment to achieve long term impact.

The team pushed us to make decisions, document key thinking, and then adapt to the reality. Now we’ve re-created our solution in key regions all across the world.

— Esther Altorfer, Managing Director


Our methodology – a combination of successful and proven commercial and social principles, methods, and approaches – supports our partners wherever they are along the 3 stages of the journey to impact at scale.

At every stage of the journey, we underpin our consultancy with lean principles – helping you test and validate your ideas and assumptions in the real world.

We are continuously applying this methodology across diverse sectors, geographies and cause areas, helping to shape the way leading global organisations and grassroots social ventures increase their reach, transforming the lives of those in need.


Develop the foundational strategy for scale and get your solution and organisation ready.

  • Validate the social impact, value and sustainability of your solution
  • Assess organisational scale readiness
  • Understand your wider ecosystem
  • Develop an ambitious scale strategy
  • Test your solution and strategy in the real-world


Design the scale and financial model needed to sustain your impact at scale:

  • Identify the right scale pathway
  • Identify partners and how to support them
  • Develop quality assurance mechanisms
  • Financial model for scale
  • Test and validate your scale model


Develop the systems and processes needed to implement and pilot in new locations, and scale up sustainably:

  • Build the organisational capabilities
  • Develop and implement systems, processes, support functions and materials including resourcing
  • Pilot in new locations, testing, learning and iterating
  • Deliver sustained impact at scale

Scale Pathways

We think of the different ways in which you can spread your impact as ‘scale pathways’ – approaches for scaling solutions and either (1) achieving widespread delivery of products, services and practices, or (2) changing systems, culture and society. Examples of pathways include:

  • Open-sourcing: when you make your resources available for others to implement
  • Social franchising: when you package up your proven model and support others to deliver it at the same standard as the original
  • Building a movement: when you start a social movement to address a social problem


The outcome

Sustainable organisations driving impact at scale. 

Our objective is for our partners to, in the short term, develop and validate strategies, scale pathways, viable partners and payers. So that in the long term they start to see:

  • Greater financial sustainability
  • More constituents reached and a reduction of societal and environmental problems
  • Strategic clarity and organisational alignment
  • Reduced risk and greater efficiency through a culture of learning and testing

Pictured: Founder of Recovery Cafe, Spring Impact partner, Killian Noe shares a moment with a Member during a card game – John Jensen

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