Do you have a proven solution to a social issue that you know could help even more people? Are you looking to strengthen your skills and knowledge to make that happen?

Scale Accelerator: Leaders of Scale will equip two members of your team with the know-how and confidence to lead your organisation on a pathway to reaching more people.

Using a ‘Train the Trainer’ approach, the programme will put you in the driving seat of your organisation’s scaling journey. You’ll gain the time, space, and support to take stock, develop your scaling plans, and progress them by applying the programme learnings directly in your organisation. 

You’ll learn alongside a carefully selected cohort of social leaders with huge potential, taking part in action learning sets and other peer-learning activities where you’ll challenge, support, and inspire each other.

By the end of the programme, you’ll have:

  • A clear, actionable plan for scaling sustainably
  • Frameworks and tools to bring back to your team
  • The knowledge and confidence to lead your organisation’s journey to scale

Applications closed

Please note that funded and subsidised Leaders of Scale cohorts will not be available for the immediate future.

If you're interested in programmes like Leaders of Scale, be sure to register your interest below to stay in touch and find out when new relevant programmes or cohorts will be available.

If you want to prepare to take your solution to scale, register your interest for 'Getting Scale Ready', a new programme helping leaders ensure solutions are scalable, impactful and sustainable. Launching soon.

Programme details

Programme Fees

Thanks to funding from The National Lottery Community Fund, we have various options available, including a limited number of highly subsidised places at £800.

This is the last chance to access these subsidised places, so don’t miss out!


The programme will take place between 15 March 2022 – 29 August 2022.

Time commitment

Two members of your team will be taking part, with both expected to commit around 11 days spread over the 6 month period.


The programme will take place fully online, with sessions held via Zoom or other online platforms.

The long-term benefits

After receiving support from Spring Impact, organisations have:

  • Expanded their solution to several locations “We have been able to double the size of our work.” (Previous participant)
  • Accessed funding to pursue their scale journey – many of our Alumni report that Scale Accelerator has helped them unlock new funding.
  • Identified high quality partners to work with – see our WeVolution case study here.
  • Found ways to reach more people sustainably – “At the beginning, as an organisation we were unsure about our direction. After one year, we were having sustainability.” (Previous participant)
  • Built movements to effect systems change at scale – see our Mayday case study here.

Organisational outcomes

The programme will help you lead your organisation towards reaching more people. You will leave with:

  • A clear action plan and strategy for replicating your proven solution
  • Buy-in from your team and board
  • Practical and transferable frameworks and tools to build the capacity of your wider team
  • A strong case to bring to funders and partners

“Having the time booked in my diary to focus on this area has supported the organisation’s development and growth. Enormously.”– Vicki Dawson, The Sleep Charity

Professional development outcomes

Two members of your team will be equipped with the abilities and support needed to drive organisational change, leaving with:

  • Vital leadership skills -including financial modelling for your replication model, change management, strategic thinking and development
  • A peer network of forward-thinking social leaders to support you
  • The know-how to develop a scale strategy and model, and to adapt it as you learn 
  • The space and time to reflect on your scaling plans
  • Knowledge and skills that can be transferred to other programmes or in your future career

“[Leaders of Scale] helped give me credibility to drive this work forward with senior leadership internally.” – Samantha Sherratt, Red Balloon Learner Centres

It has genuinely been full of new knowledge, information, and has given me a new way of thinking about scale and impact. I wish I had been to this course 8 years ago.

Rosie Axon, Chiltern Music Therapy

Who it's for

The programme is for leaders of organisations that are planning on replicating a proven solution. We are looking for two leaders from each organisation who are:

  • Working for a nonprofit organisation of any size – if you have a proven solution and are starting to consider scaling through replication, this programme is for you
  • Keen to build the skills and confidence to drive their organisation’s journey to scale
  • Working in roles focused on future strategy and sustainability
  • Able to dedicate the capacity to engage with the programme, 11 days throughout the 6-month programme.

All applicants must be working for registered charities or social enterprises with a UK-based project. 

Programme elements

Learning together

The programme will consist of a cohort of just 6-8 carefully chosen organisations with huge potential who are committed to scaling their mission so they can achieve greater impact. This small, select group will allow you to build deeper relationships – you’ll get to:

  • Share ideas and build on your learning together throughout the training sessions 
  • Share challenges and support one another (e.g through regular action learning sets and events)
  • Hear from and speak to alumni organisations who have already scaled

“It was very useful to have the chance to meet other organisations that were at different points of scaling.” Previous Leaders of Scale participant

Training sessions

The programme will involve two members of your team, taking part in group training sessions with our team of scale experts and other participants.  This is where you will learn key concepts and how to apply them to your organisations. They will cover the following four modules: 

  • Getting Scale Ready 
  • Developing a Scale Strategy
  • Designing a scale model
  • Creating an action plan and pitch for funders and partners 

“The programme was truly transformative for us, giving us clarity, guidance and a plan that accelerated us forward” – Mayday Trust

1 to 1 support 

You will receive support from our team of consultants, including: 

  • Coaching calls (approx 8 x 1 hr calls) with a dedicated Spring Impact consultant at key milestones throughout the programme. 
  • Support in financial modelling from an expert consultant, who will share templates, tips, and feedback on your work

“It’s helped hold us accountable to actually doing this important work” – Lisa Artis, The Sleep Charity

Meet the trainers

Our team of scale experts will help you learn all you need to know about scale, and support you throughout the programme.

This year’s programme will be led by Alice Metcalf, Spring Impact Senior Consultant and Nikesh Sharma, Spring Impact Consultant.

“The consultants have provided us with real direct challenge. They’ve not been afraid to ask the difficult questions.” – Josh Cronin, Evolve

Pricing guide

Thanks to funding from The National Lottery Community Fund, we are able to implement a ‘pay what you can’ pricing structure. The true cost of a single place on the programme is £10,000 + VAT. The below is a guide to help you make your decision about which price is right for you.

  • £5,000 + VAT – for organisations that are in a position to fund their place. We estimate that organisations with a revenue over £1 million per year will generally fit into this category. There are more places available at this price than at the subsidised rates.
  • £3,000 + VAT – for organisations with a revenue of around £400,000 or above that would like to increase their likelihood of securing a place, as highly-subsidised places are limited.
  • £800 + VAT – we have a small number of places at this price. These are intended for organisations with a revenue of less than £400,000, or for organisations of any size with high potential to scale and unable to afford the higher price. Please opt for this if you are interested in the programme but cannot find the budget for the other price options

We know that in reality every organisation is different, so this is not intended to be prescriptive. We are aware that organisational reserves could vary, irrespective of your organisation’s annual revenue.

So if you are interested in the programme but you cannot pay the suggested amount, please do apply for one of our highly subsidised places – it’s what they are for!

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We’re not a UK organisation. Can we still apply?

Unfortunately this programme is only for the UK based organisations looking to maximise the impact of interventions in the UK, as this is a condition of our funders The National Lottery Community Fund. If you’re still looking for scale support, please see our consultancy support and don’t hesitate to get in touch to explore what options could be good for you.

What will be expected of us?

To make the most out of this opportunity and make the programme a success, the two participants per organisation will be expected to take part in multiple sessions and exercises throughout the duration of the programme. 

These will involve: 

  • Group sessions: These are contact points with Spring Impact and other participants. Sessions will cover learning objectives, set-up, wrap-up and reflections for each sprint
  • Sprints: These are intensive 2-4 week periods with multiple group sessions where you will learn key concepts and how to apply them to your  organisations
  • ​​Team engagement: Bringing your team and stakeholders along on your scale journey and developing buy-in is critical for the success of your scaling efforts. Throughout the programme, you will be expected to engage your team.. This includes activities such as facilitating workshops with your team. 
  • Preparation and Homework: You will be expected to spend time outside of group training sessions to engage in preparation materials, finishing activities from the group training sessions, reflecting and engaging with your team members, and preparing for coaching calls.

How much time will be required from our team?

Both participants (scale leads) would need to commit approx – 11 days of time for the programme, spread over the 6 month period. The programme is structured to include sprints for each of the 4 modules that include intensive time-boxed periods of two weeks to one month, with multiple group sessions, on alternating months, where you will learn key concepts followed by a period of time with no group sessions, approximately 3-4 weeks, so that you can apply the learnings and key concepts to your organisations and reflect on the progress. 

The time commitment is approximately as follows: 

  • Attend the group sessions (approx. 4-8 hours every other month) 
  • Prepare for sessions including engaging with preparation materials, completing homework tasks, reflecting on progress  (approx 2 hours per week during sprints) 
  • Some time for doing light-touch market research and financial modelling at relevant points
  • Facilitate at least 3 internal working sessions with your team and stakeholders to work through the questions and exercises from the training (approx 3 hours per working session)
  • Attend 1 hour long coaching session (8 in total) throughout the programme
  • Half a day per month for cohort event.

Does my organisation need to work in a particular sector to apply?

No. We are not focusing on any particular sector for the next cohort. As long as you are a UK-based non-profit that meets the eligibility criteria, you can apply. We are particularly interested in applications from:

  • Organisations addressing an issue that has worsened as a result of COVID-19
  • Organisations based in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland
  • Organisations led by people with lived experience
  • Organisations supporting BAME groups and/or with BAME leadership

Do I need to be in a specific leadership role to be able to apply?

The programme is recommended to leaders who are:

  • Working in roles focused on future strategy and sustainability
  • Keen to build the skills and confidence to drive their organisation’s journey to scale
  • Able to dedicate the time and capacity capacity to engage with the programme, 11 days throughout the 6-month programme



This practical training programme helps leaders ensure solutions are scalable, impactful and sustainable. It equips you with the tools, mindsets and structures to overcome the most common barriers to scale and create a plan to get your organisation ready.

Previous Scale Accelerator participants

Scale Accelerator: Leaders of Scale

Age UK Cheshire provides care and support services to elderly people including physical and mental health and be an active member of their community. This in turn empowers them to love later life. We worked with Age UK Cheshire to explore how their Men in Sheds programme could be scaled up.

Scale Accelerator: Leaders of Scale
Scale Accelerator: Leaders of Scale

A Band of Brothers is a nonprofit established by men committed to positive social change through personal development and community building. A Band of Brothers was a participant in our first UK Scale Accelerator  programme.

Scale Accelerator: Leaders of Scale

Bikeworks is a London based non-profit social enterprise that uses cycling as a tool to tackle social and environmental challenges in the community. It aims to build a diverse cycling community, initiate capability of mechanical skills and supports businesses to be greener.

Scale Accelerator: Leaders of Scale
Scale Accelerator: Leaders of Scale
Scale Accelerator: Leaders of Scale
Scale Accelerator: Leaders of Scale
Scale Accelerator: Leaders of Scale
Scale Accelerator: Leaders of Scale
Scale Accelerator: Leaders of Scale
Scale Accelerator: Leaders of Scale
Scale Accelerator: Leaders of Scale

Groundswell is a nonprofit which works to tackle homelessness by working with homeless people and enable othem to take more control of their lives, have a greater influence on services, and therefore set a chain reaction of togetherness and opportunity. We worked with Groundswell to scale the impact of their Homeless Health Peer Advocacy Programme that partners former homeless with current homeless, to ensure health appointments are met.

Scale Accelerator: Leaders of Scale
Scale Accelerator: Leaders of Scale

Leonard Cheshire Disability is a nonprofit supporting disabled people in the UK and around the world to remain active members of society, fulfil their potential and establish their independence.  We specifically helped Leonard Cheshire to scale their CAN DO project: a volunteer programme for 16-35-year-olds across the UK.

Scale Accelerator: Leaders of Scale
Scale Accelerator: Leaders of Scale
Scale Accelerator: Leaders of Scale
Scale Accelerator: Leaders of Scale

RECLAIM is a social change organisation that challenges the homogeneity that exists in the leadership profiles across UK society and supports youths and the working class people.

Scale Accelerator: Leaders of Scale

Safer Places is a nonprofit which provides a comprehensive range of services to adults and children affected by domestic and sexual abuse, not only offering safe accommodation (West Essex, Mid Essex, Hertfordshire and Southend) but helping victims to overcome these experiences and build a better future for themselves.

Scale Accelerator: Leaders of Scale
Scale Accelerator: Leaders of Scale

Staying Put is a UK nonprofit which offers a range of services to victims and survivors of domestic abuse and aims to empower them to safely remain in their own home and community.

Scale Accelerator: Leaders of Scale

Street Doctors is a UK nonprofit who change the lives of high risk young people by giving them the skills they need to deliver life-saving first aid. Through the programme Street Doctors aim to increase the confidence and aspirations of youths, give them a sense of responsibility for their actions and help them to change their attitudes towards violence.

We facilitated an initial workshop with Street Doctors to consider their replication potential and are now providing ongoing support and advice to Street Doctors as they develop a replication model for international expansion.

Scale Accelerator: Leaders of Scale
Scale Accelerator: Leaders of Scale
Scale Accelerator: Leaders of Scale

The Reader is an award winning UK social enterprise working to connecting people with great literature through shared reading. Furthermore, it pioneers the use of shared reading to improve well-being, reduce social isolation and build resilience across diverse communities.

Scale Accelerator: Leaders of Scale
Scale Accelerator: Leaders of Scale

Vi-ability, based in North Wales, is a social enterprise working with young adults to transform struggling community sports clubs into viable, thriving businesses and hubs, using this as a catalyst for entrepreneurship and engaging youths into local communities. It provides opportunities to develop skills by offering training, work experience and qualifications in commercial sports management.

Scale Accelerator: Leaders of Scale
Scale Accelerator: Leaders of Scale
Action West London is a social enterprise that runs Acton Street Market, which brings diverse communities together by creating entrepreneurial opportunities and an inclusive, high profile public space.
Scale Accelerator: Leaders of Scale
Urban Uprising is a Scotland-based charity using rock-climbing to improve the wellbeing of at-risk 8 to 18 year olds in the UK who are disadvantaged by poverty, health and other inequalities.
Scale Accelerator: Leaders of Scale
Settle is a London charity that supports vulnerable young people moving into their first home, as part of a mission to break the cycle of youth homelessness
Scale Accelerator: Leaders of Scale
PeacePlayers International is a cross-community charity that uses basketball to unite, educate and inspire young people in Northern Ireland, as a means to promote peace and reconciliation
Scale Accelerator: Leaders of Scale
Social Bite is a social enterprise running an employment support programme for vulnerable and marginalised people experiencing homelessness across Scotland
Scale Accelerator: Leaders of Scale
Humber All Nations Alliance is a charity promoting the  well-being of Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) and migrant communities throughout Hull and the Humber.
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