Spring Impact was born out of frustration

Frustration that some of the best, world-changing social and environmental innovations that should scale up and help more people – don’t.

We’re here to change that. We help mission-driven organisations and funders scale their impact sustainably – through consulting, training, and programmes.

Wherever you are on the journey, we help you overcome challenges and resolve the critical questions. And in the process, we help your team build the strategies, skills and mindsets needed to tackle the world’s biggest problems at scale.

Why scale?

Scaling empowers you to dramatically increase your impact to better match the size of social and environmental problems.

It doesn’t just bring the benefits of your work to more people - it often goes beyond, striking at the very root of problems and ultimately getting closer to eradicating them.

Over the last 10+ years, we’ve had the honour of partnering with hundreds of ambitious organisations and leaders across the globe 

300+ organisations

Received 1-1 consultancy support to scale up

100+ organisations

Took part in our targeted programmes tackling specific problems

250+ scale leaders

Gained key scaling skills, knowledge, and mindsets through our academy

Our start

While running a nonprofit that supported projects in India and Ghana, Spring Impact’s founder, Dan Berelowitz, noticed that the very similar projects he was supporting were all making the same operational mistakes – limiting their impact.

He became frustrated that they were using precious capacity and resources that should be changing lives to instead reinvent the wheel.

And so in 2011, the International Center for Social Franchising (ICFS) was born, and later became Spring Impact a nonprofit set up to help mission-driven organisations learn from, and replicate, what works.

Who we are today

While we started with a single focus on social franchising, and later on replication, we’ve now grown to provide support on all forms of scaling – from building a movement to open sourcing. We’ve also expanded our work to include:

  •  An Academy aimed at demystifying scale and making it affordable and accessible to all
  • Integrated Lean Impact principles across all of our work, to help our partners test plans in the real-world and move confidently into action. 
  • Collaborating with funders and key players to transform the impact ecosystem so that it works in favour of scale. 

If you want to analogise it: people get personal trainers to keep them honest. Spring Impact was like our personal trainer for scaling.

StrongMinds Spring Impact partner

The Spring Impact team

Our team’s diverse experience, knowledge, and commitment is the driving force behind Spring Impact. We are motivated by a shared vision to create, scale and sustain the maximum social impact.

Lessons from our first 10 years of scaling impact

Read Journey to Impact, our new report which distills the five crucial lessons we’ve learned from our decade of practice and features real-world examples from amazing organisations who have successfully scaled.


OUR VISION: A world where social and environmental problems are addressed at scale

OUR MISSION: To scale up solutions successfully and sustainably

Everything we do is always underpinned by our values. You can read more about these here.

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