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How will this tool help?

The Social Objectives Tool is designed to guide you in the process of identifying and aligning both your social and organisational objectives. This tool will help you understand your mission for scaling social impact and the operational goals necessary to ensure the sustainability and viability of your organisation in the long term.


To work on the tool worksheet, follow these steps:

  • Make a copy to your own Google Drive folder: Click file > Make a copy > Entire presentation > Select your personal drive folder, OR
  • Download a copy to your desktop: Click file > Download > Microsoft Word (or other file type)

Step 1

Identify your social objectives

Begin by reflecting on the social impact you aspire to achieve. Write down your Social Objectives, focusing on the positive change you aim to bring about in society. Consider the following prompts to guide your thoughts:

  • What are the key social issues or challenges you are passionate about addressing?
  • What specific changes or improvements do you want to see in your target communities or society as a whole?
  • How do you envision measuring the success of your social impact initiatives?
  • Take your time to articulate clear and concise statements that encapsulate the essence of your social objectives.

Step 2

Define your organisational objectives

Once you have outlined your social objectives, shift your focus to the operational aspects of your organisation. Write down your Organisational Objectives, which are the strategic goals essential for the viability and sustainability of your business model. Consider the following prompts:

  • What are the key operational goals that will enable your organisation to thrive in the long term?
  • How do these goals align with and support your social objectives?
  • What resources, partnerships, or processes are necessary to achieve your organisational objectives?
  • Ensure that your organisational objectives complement and enhance your social impact goals, creating a symbiotic relationship between your mission and the means to achieve it.

Step 3

Aligning social and organisational objectives

Examine the relationship between your social and organisational objectives. Consider how achieving your organisational goals contributes to the success of your social impact initiatives and vice versa. Identify synergies and potential areas for optimization.



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