Impact before Growth

  • I used to think: Scale is about growth
  • Now I think: Scale is about reducing the size of the problem

Grace Matlhape, CEO of SmartStart, shares how focusing on impact, not growth, changed the landscape of early childhood education in South Africa. 

Problem over Solution

  • I used to think: How can I scale up my solution?
  • Now I think: How can we solve the problem at scale?

Andrew Youn, Co-founder of One Acre Fund, shares how falling in love with solving the problem led to supporting 4.5 million smallholder farmers.

Never Scale Alone

  • I used to think:  How can we maximise our own achievement? 
  • Now I think: What’s the best role for us to play?

Dr. Faith Mwangi-Powell, CEO of Girls Not Brides, shares how collaboration led to mobilising 1,400 organisations worldwide to stop child marriage.

Testing before Investing

  • I used to think: We’ll make a detailed plan and stick to it
  • Now I think: We’ll rapidly test, learn and adapt

Ann Mei Chang, CEO of Candid, explains how to stop wasting resources and build confidence in strategic choices.

Relentlessly Strategic

  • I used to think: We want to do everything for everybody
  • Now I think: We have a dream and we’re willing to make difficult choices to get there

Kevin Starr, CEO of Mulago, demonstrates what’s possible if organisations have a living strategy that responds to changing circumstances and new information, in pursuit of a world where their idea has achieved its full potential.

Long-term Commitment

  • I used to think: We want to achieve results for this year
  • Now I think: We’re investing in long-term lasting impact

Subrata Singh, Executive Director at the Foundation for Ecological Security explains how long-term commitment helped restore 13 million acres of India’s community-governed land.

Business as usual is not enough

Supporting 4.5 million Sub-Saharan African smallholder farmers…

Mobilising 1,600 organisations worldwide to stop child marriage…

Restoring 13 million acres of community-governed land…

These outcomes would not have been achievable with business as usual.

Learn more about each mindset and how they can enable greater impact. 

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