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How will this tool help?

On your scaling journey, you will likely have to work with many different stakeholders to deliver successful outcomes. This might include delivery partners, funders, referral partners, and others. With so many stakeholders pulling together, you must define clearly the roles and responsibilities that each will be expected to fulfil in order to:

  • Ensure that clear expectations are set and promote accountability
  • Help you to determine where further support to partners may be required

This tool will help you to set and assess roles and responsibilities for all partners you intend to work with.  


To work on the tool worksheet, follow these steps:

  • Make a copy to your own Google Drive folder: Click file > Make a copy > Entire presentation > Select your personal drive folder, OR
  • Download a copy to your desktop: Click file > Download > Microsoft Word (or other file type)

Step 1

Consider the roles and responsibilities that need to be fulfilled

Use this table in the worksheet to list all the roles that must be fulfilled. The following categories may help you to identify what needs to happen to deliver on your scaling model, but add more categories if necessary.




Step 2

Assess the roles and responsibilities

Take a step back and consider the roles and responsibilities as a whole. Ask yourself:

  • Collectively, will these roles deliver sufficient impact?
  • How enforceable are these? For example, if your chosen scaling pathway is to build a movement or open source your solution, what obligations can you realistically expect a partner to fulfil?
  • Are the asks being made of any given stakeholder fair and reasonable?
  • Are stakeholders likely to recognise these asks as being fair and reasonable?
  • If not, how might the roles and responsibilities be adjusted accordingly, and how might that affect the overall impact that you can expect to deliver?

Remember to consider what support a stakeholder will require to deliver on their responsibilities, bearing in mind the partner profile you will use to recruit.

* Please use the Support Packages and Partner Profile tools to develop your thinking on these topics if necessary.


Step 3

Test your roles and responsibilities

Test these roles and responsibilities in practice to assess:

  • Is this division of roles and responsibilities appropriate to deliver impact?
  • Do partners recognise the roles and responsibilities as being fair and reasonable?



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