Many leaders who want to have impact at scale have doubts about their strategy and implementation. Don’t let uncertainty hold you back from greater impact. 

Maybe you’re not sure how to fund the work at scale. Or perhaps you have high-potential opportunities for scale, but you feel like you’re moving into too many directions.

Lean Impact for Scale helps you test and improve your scaling strategies, so you can move towards sustainable impact at scale with confidence. On this 10 week, online course you’ll learn to:

  • Define your scale strategy, identifying viable partners and payers
  • De-risk uncertainties by testing with your community, partners and payers
  • Use data driven insights to improve your strategy
  • Develop a roadmap for continuous testing and improvement


Refugee Inclusion UK

For mission-driven organisations working to promote refugee inclusion in the UK.

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Gender Equity USA

For mission-driven organisations working to reduce the gender pay, wealth and unpaid care gap in the United States.

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Early Childhood Development South Africa

For NGOs working within the Early Childhood Development sector in South Africa.

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The entire program was absolutely incredible and paved the way for scaling our mission. Just do it!

Vehicles for Change

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What is Lean Impact?

As problems in our society become increasingly complex, mission-driven organizations need to become more ambitious, nimble and effective at producing solutions that make a difference at scale.

We developed our Lean practice with Ann Mei Chang, author of ‘Lean Impact: How to Innovate for Radically Greater Social Good’ and Steve Nagai-Ma, one of our sector’s most experienced lean impact practitioners.

Lean Impact is based on three principles:

  • Think Big – set audacious goals and build an engine for growth that will move the needle relative to the size of the problem
  • Start Small – build the agility to run fast experiments and drive feedback loops that will accelerate your pace of learning and reduce waste of time and money
  • Relentlessly Seek Impact, Value, and Scale – identify and track the metrics that matter to increase impact and scale

To find out more, listen to our podcast episode with Ann Mei Chang, or visit this page

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The Scaling Impact Toolkit

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