Starting date: 23 September

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If you're an ambitious social leader looking to establish a long-lasting impact, this course is for you. Over five weeks, our scaling experts will help you build up skills to identify the right pathway to achieve the change you want to make in the world and develop a robust and financially sustainable plan for success.

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Help more people, better

Increase your impact by reaching more people in new places.

Achieve financial sustainability

Establish who will deliver and pay for your solution at scale.

Identify your ideal pathway to scale

Discover the ideal route(s) for you to build a solid scaling strategy.

Learn from like-minded social leaders

Access a network of peers pursuing scale.

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Course details


The course starts on 23 September and will take place over 5 weeks.


4-5 hours each week is recommended.


The cost varies depending on your organisation’s revenue, ranging from £200 – £500 + VAT per place. More info below.


The course will take place online, including 3 live sessions via Zoom.

The alumni experience

Learn from the experience of our previous participants.

Kick-start your journey to scale

What you'll leave with

  • The knowledge and understanding of what you need to have in place to scale.
  • The skills and tools needed to test and validate your scalability in the real world.
  • A tangible strategy and vision for scaling sustainably.
  • A hypothesis for the pathway that will lead your organisation to sustaining impact at scale.
  • An actionable plan to get your organisation ready to implement your scale strategy.
  • A compelling pitch to build buy-in and secure investment for your scale plans.

Who it's for

Whether you’re the leader of a nonprofit, a social entrepreneur or someone working on programmes that you’d like to see scale to meet the size of the societal problem, this programme is for you. All you need to join is:

  • Be keen to build the skills and confidence to kick-start your organisation’s journey to scale
  • Be able to dedicate the capacity to engage with the programme, approx. 4-5 hours each week over 5 weeks.

How you'll learn

Learning Kit

You’ll access a Learning Kit including videos, case studies, frameworks and other resources to maximise your knowledge.

Learn by Doing

Each week you’ll be given a task to help you immediately apply your learnings into practice.

Peer Support

During 3x Zoom live sessions, you will discuss, challenge and deepen your understanding alongside your peers.

An excellent guide to assessing if your organisation is ready to scale, with strong facilitators and a very valuable toolkit to guide an organisational strategy process.

Susan Bornstein, Global Director World Bicycle Relief

Kick-start your journey to scale

Course Syllabus

Your learning journey on the Getting Scale Ready course will be accompanied by the chance to join 3 live online sessions. If you can’t make the live sessions, they’re available as recordings.

Live Session Schedule
  • Live session 1: Introduction and Scale Readiness, Tuesday 1st October 2-4 pm (UK Time)
  • Live session 2: Strategy for Scale, Tuesday 15th October 2-4 pm (UK Time)
  • Live session 3: Pitching and Next Steps, Tuesday 29th October 2-4 pm (UK Time)
Course Curriculum
Week 0: 16th September – Welcome to Getting Scale Ready
  • Introduction to the Programme
  • Live Sessions Schedule
  • Baseline Survey
  • Extra Resources
Week 1: 23rd September – Assess Scale Readiness
  •  Introduction to week 1 – Assess your starting point
  •  The difference between growth and scale – Reaching further with your resources
  •  Tackling societal problems at scale – Implications for what sustainable impact looks like for you
  •  Finding the sweet spot for scale – Ensuring solutions are both impactful, valuable and sustainable
  • ASSIGNMENT: Scale Readiness Diagnostic Quiz
  • REFLECTION: Preparation for live session
Week 2: 30th September – Develop Scale Strategy
  • Introduction to week 2 – The scale strategy that will guide your journey
  • Components of a scale strategy – Key questions to answer when building your strategy
  • Importance of a Scale Strategy- A noble mission is not enough to have impact at scale
  • TOOL: Problem Definition – Define the societal problem you want to address at scale
  • TOOL: Intended Impact – Clarify the change you want to achieve
  • TOOL: Doer and Payer at Scale – Establish who will deliver and pay your solution at scale
  • ASSIGNMENT: Start Strategy Formula
  • Extra resources- Going deeper
Week 3: 7th October – Explore Pathways to Scale
  • Introduction to Week 3: Explore Pathways to Scale
  • Scale Pathways- Key considerations and trade-offs for choosing your pathway to scale
  • TOOL: Choosing a Scale Pathway
  • TOOL: Design Your Core
  • ASSIGNMENT: Complete Strategy Formula
  • REFLECTION: Preparation for Live Session
  • Extra resources- Going deeper
Week 4: 14th October – Test to Validate
  • Introduction to Week 4 – Redefining risk
  • Components of a Good Test – Key considerations to build effective tests and feedback loops
  • TOOL: Identify Risky Assumptions
  • ASSIGNMENT: Test risky assumptions
Week 5: 21st October – Plan and Pitch
  • Introduction to Week 5 – Create a compelling pitch and effective action plan
  • TOOL: Create an action plan
  • TOOL: Develop your pitch
  • ASSIGNMENT: Develop your pitch
  • A final word – Key Scaling Mindsets
  • Extra resources – Going deeper

Pricing Guide

The course cost varies depending on your organisation’s annual revenue.


  • £200: for organisations with a revenue of less than £400,000

  • £350: for organisations with a revenue over £400,000

  • £500: for organisations with a revenue over 1 million


*VAT is not included in the prices shown above.

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Previous Spring Impact Alumni

Getting Scale Ready

Age UK Cheshire provides care and support services to elderly people including physical and mental health and be an active member of their community. This in turn empowers them to love later life. We worked with Age UK Cheshire to explore how their Men in Sheds programme could be scaled up.

Getting Scale Ready
Getting Scale Ready

A Band of Brothers is a nonprofit established by men committed to positive social change through personal development and community building. A Band of Brothers was a participant in our first UK Scale Accelerator  programme.

Getting Scale Ready

Bikeworks is a London based non-profit social enterprise that uses cycling as a tool to tackle social and environmental challenges in the community. It aims to build a diverse cycling community, initiate capability of mechanical skills and supports businesses to be greener.

Getting Scale Ready
Getting Scale Ready
Getting Scale Ready
Getting Scale Ready
Getting Scale Ready
Getting Scale Ready
Getting Scale Ready
Getting Scale Ready
Getting Scale Ready

Groundswell is a nonprofit which works to tackle homelessness by working with homeless people and enable othem to take more control of their lives, have a greater influence on services, and therefore set a chain reaction of togetherness and opportunity. We worked with Groundswell to scale the impact of their Homeless Health Peer Advocacy Programme that partners former homeless with current homeless, to ensure health appointments are met.

Getting Scale Ready
Getting Scale Ready

Leonard Cheshire Disability is a nonprofit supporting disabled people in the UK and around the world to remain active members of society, fulfil their potential and establish their independence.  We specifically helped Leonard Cheshire to scale their CAN DO project: a volunteer programme for 16-35-year-olds across the UK.

Getting Scale Ready
Getting Scale Ready
Getting Scale Ready
Getting Scale Ready

RECLAIM is a social change organisation that challenges the homogeneity that exists in the leadership profiles across UK society and supports youths and the working class people.

Getting Scale Ready

Safer Places is a nonprofit which provides a comprehensive range of services to adults and children affected by domestic and sexual abuse, not only offering safe accommodation (West Essex, Mid Essex, Hertfordshire and Southend) but helping victims to overcome these experiences and build a better future for themselves.

Getting Scale Ready
Getting Scale Ready

Staying Put is a UK nonprofit which offers a range of services to victims and survivors of domestic abuse and aims to empower them to safely remain in their own home and community.

Getting Scale Ready

Street Doctors is a UK nonprofit who change the lives of high risk young people by giving them the skills they need to deliver life-saving first aid. Through the programme Street Doctors aim to increase the confidence and aspirations of youths, give them a sense of responsibility for their actions and help them to change their attitudes towards violence.

We facilitated an initial workshop with Street Doctors to consider their replication potential and are now providing ongoing support and advice to Street Doctors as they develop a replication model for international expansion.

Getting Scale Ready
Getting Scale Ready
Getting Scale Ready

The Reader is an award winning UK social enterprise working to connecting people with great literature through shared reading. Furthermore, it pioneers the use of shared reading to improve well-being, reduce social isolation and build resilience across diverse communities.

Getting Scale Ready
Getting Scale Ready

Vi-ability, based in North Wales, is a social enterprise working with young adults to transform struggling community sports clubs into viable, thriving businesses and hubs, using this as a catalyst for entrepreneurship and engaging youths into local communities. It provides opportunities to develop skills by offering training, work experience and qualifications in commercial sports management.

Getting Scale Ready
Getting Scale Ready
Action West London is a social enterprise that runs Acton Street Market, which brings diverse communities together by creating entrepreneurial opportunities and an inclusive, high profile public space.
Getting Scale Ready
Urban Uprising is a Scotland-based charity using rock-climbing to improve the wellbeing of at-risk 8 to 18 year olds in the UK who are disadvantaged by poverty, health and other inequalities.
Getting Scale Ready
Settle is a London charity that supports vulnerable young people moving into their first home, as part of a mission to break the cycle of youth homelessness
Getting Scale Ready
PeacePlayers International is a cross-community charity that uses basketball to unite, educate and inspire young people in Northern Ireland, as a means to promote peace and reconciliation
Getting Scale Ready
Social Bite is a social enterprise running an employment support programme for vulnerable and marginalised people experiencing homelessness across Scotland
Getting Scale Ready
Humber All Nations Alliance is a charity promoting the  well-being of Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) and migrant communities throughout Hull and the Humber.
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