Aneta Teneva is passionate about meaningful participation of people with lived experience. She is a practitioner with more than 25-year national and global expertise on child and youth participation, especially for children and young people with intellectual and/or other disabilities. She is a strong advocate for the most vulnerable children and adolescents in care and families in adversity to exercise their rights and participate in decision-making processes.

Aneta is an independent consultant and trainer on inclusive child and youth participation, children’s rights, and parents’ activism. Her expertise includes consultative and training work on a range of topics, including global care reform and child and youth participation, for different international organisations such as Unicef, Council of Europe, Terre des Hommes, Lego Foundation, Tanya’s Dream Fund, etc. She works directly with children and young people with learning disabilities and/or in care, families with diverse backgrounds in adversity at local, national and international levels.

Aneta is the founder of Code PARTICIPATION Foundation, whose mission is to build bridges for equal participation and partnership between people with lived experience and other stakeholders locally and globally.

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