Image of Bisser Spirov

Bisser has been working in childcare in Bulgaria for more than 25 years. He graduated from Sofia University with a Master’s degree in Pedagogy and an additional specialisation in Social Pedagogy.

He initially worked at the Children’s Home in Sofia, where he was part of the team that developed and implemented a model for working with families and reintegrating children from institutions into their own families. He later worked on various projects related to the development of social services for children and families and was a National Consultant to the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy in establishing the first Complexes for Social Services for Children and Families in the country.

As a trainer, he participated in many trainings in Bulgaria on various topics related to deinstitutionalisation, development of services for families and children and the different methods of working with children and their parents. Since 2014, he has participated as part of Lumos’s training team in training to transform the childcare system in Ukraine, Georgia, United Kingdom, Jordan and Guatemala.

Bisser believes that the best environment for a child’s development is the family because the family provides security and a safe environment, predictability of life and relationships, and a space for communication. In addition, the family includes access to family history and the opportunity to develop social skills. And the best institution with numerous trained staff cannot provide such a developmental environment.

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