Image of Rose Buabeng

Rose Buabeng is an Advisor for Spring Impact’s Scale Accelerator: Women’s Empowerment. Rose believes in building the leadership of marginalised populations and communities in advancing social and environmental justice. Rose has more than 20 years experience of working with various civil society and social justice organisations. She has fundraised, planned and implemented social justice programmes at a variety of levels. She has also worked in the philanthropic sector and currently works with the African Women’s Development Fund, as gender, environment and livelihood specialist. Her work is focused on resourcing women’s rights organisations and building movements for advocacy and social transformation.

Rose holds a PhD in Environmental Science from the University of Ghana. Her research was focused on climate adaptation strategies employed by rural women farmers and implication on wellbeing; she is currently working on publishing the work. Rose is passionate about knowledge generation and has written a number of blogs on environmental and economic justice including other issues. She serves as a Regional Advisor for the Global Fund for Women (GFW), USA, where she advises and monitors GFW’s African grantmaking activities. She also provides technical support to nascent women’s rights groups and organisations as well as the African women’s movement and national feminist forums within Africa.

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