Expert Consultancy offers fully-funded, bespoke one-on-one consultancy support. Part of Scale Accelerator: Preventing Childhood Sexual Violence, this programme route will help you work out how to reach more people sustainably (without necessarily needing to grow your organisation!).

Our team of scaling consultants will work collaboratively with you, providing hands-on technical assistance. By taking part, you will:

  • Build a scale strategy, a financial model for scale, and the systems and processes required to scale up
  • Develop the know-how, confidence, and frameworks needed for scale
  • Gain a critical friend in Spring Impact to support you along the way

Expert Consultancy will commence in January 2024, taking place over the course of 3 years.

Invite-only applications open until 11:59 pm GMT on 22 November. Please contact [email protected] to discuss further.

Invite-only applications open

This isn't something you do and forget about. It's something we'll use to make us permanently better.

Scale Accelerator participant, 2021

Programme details


This programme route will consist of a mix of in-person workshops at your organisation’s location and online sessions and workshops held via Zoom.


The consultancy will commence in early 2024 and will last up to 3 years



Our team is composed of specialised scaling consultants, with expertise in multiple forms of replication, including scaling with government, working in partnership with other NGOs addressing a common goal, facilitating community adoption, and other scaling approaches.

Time Commitment

We tailor our support to the needs of each organisation so it can look quite different from organisation to organisation.

3 to 4  members of your leadership team will be taking part and expected to commit at least 1 day a month for up to 3 years

Long-term impact at scale

Find out how Expert Consultancy route will help you get closer to making a much bigger difference

What you'll leave with

"We lacked a solid understanding of the details of replication. We have learned a huge amount through this process, and I now feel confident in implementing our plan." (Reclaim, 2020)

Robust strategy and actionable plans validated in the real world

  • An ambitious strategy for scale that we know works in reality and creates impact and value for all stakeholders at scale
  • A detailed model for scale which maps out how you will achieve your scale strategy in the real-world
  • Data-driven insights to improve your scale strategy

Financial sustainability at scale

  • A well-defined financial model showcasing the costs and income associated with delivering your scale model 
  • An opportunity to think critically about who might pay for your solution at scale, whether government, corporate partnerships, foundations, INGOs, as well as a strong case to bring to funders and potential partners
  • Tools to de-risk uncertainties through testing with your community, partners, and payers

Upskilled leadership and wider teams 

  • You will develop a strong knowledge of our scaling methodology, and gain practical skills and knowledge to apply this within your organisation
  • You will upskill your wider team within this methodology, so that they can use the principles and tools learned in their work, in other projects, in their future careers in the sector. 
  • You will have the opportunity to learn from other organisations on a similar journey

The mindsets, knowledge, and tools needed for scale 

  • An impact-driven mindset, focused on long-term outcomes, rather than short-term project outputs 
  • A detailed understanding of the processes, mindsets, and capabilities needed to accelerate the journey to scale in a sustainable way
  • An in depth knowledge of how to scale in partnership with others, reaching new locations otherwise unreachable, and making use of partners’ competencies, skills, and technologies

Check your eligibility

Who it's for

  • Are you an established NGO delivering a solution (programme, service, intervention, or other initiative) preventing childhood sexual violence across the EU and/or UK? 
  • Is your team excited to take your solution to more people and more places?
  • Do you have at least 3 – 4 team members including leadership available to engage with ongoing consultancy throughout the programme?
  • Has your solution been running for more than 2 years?

If you answered yes to the questions above, you could be eligible for Expert Consultancy.

What does the programme involve?

Expert Consultancy

Tailored support

Organisations will receive bespoke support from a dedicated team of consultants (meet them here! Your consultants will work collaboratively with you, providing you with the structure, frameworks, and processes needed to make the scaling process achievable and a whole lot easier. 

“It genuinely felt like we were collaborating in partnership with the consultants. The consultants brought expertise around scaling and systems.” (Scale Accelerator participant, 2019) 

Programme stages

The programme will take you through the following stages of our methodology:

Stage 1: Strategy Incubator – organisations will develop a foundational strategy for scale, identifying who they need to partner with and what needs to be in place to scale up. You will begin to test whether your solution can achieve scale in the real world, using lean innovation principles.

Stage 2: Model Accelerator – organisations will be supported to develop a model for scaling the impact of their solution and a financial model to demonstrate financial sustainability. The models will continue to be thoroughly tested in the real-world, using lean innovation principles.

A small number of organisations will receive further consultancy support through Stage 3: Systemise and Scale Up, where they will explore how to implement and begin the roll out of their scale model, iterating as necessary.

Learning together

Up-skilled teams

The programme includes learnings, tools, and frameworks transferable to other areas of your work, and applicable to your wider organisation.

We will provide technical assistance and train-the-trainer support to ensure your wider team is upskilled in key scaling methodologies.

“Spring Impact brings a framework to help break down very big issues and challenges into manageable components.” (StrongMinds, 2021)

Valuable connections

Become part of our prestigious cohort of Scale Accelerator alumni and you will: 

  • Receive exclusive invitations to free training sessions
  • Meet and learn from organisations on a similar journey
  • Gain networks of like-minded teams who want to achieve a greater impact on issues related to women’s empowerment

“It was very useful to have the chance to meet other organisations that were at different points of scaling.” – (Scale Accelerator participant, 2020)

Not sure? Why not check out Scale Accelerator:

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How to apply

Find out more about the application process

Previous Spring Impact clients

Expert Consultancy
Expert Consultancy
Expert Consultancy
Village Enterprise equips rural communities in Africa with resources to create sustainable businesses and new business activities which promote environmental best practices. Through this, they strive to end extreme poverty in rural Africa.
Expert Consultancy
A U.S nonprofit & Kenyan NGO that aims to alleviate poverty and build resiliency in the drylands of Africa.  To date, the BOMA project has impacted +44, 000 woman and children.
Expert Consultancy
Expert Consultancy

Silulo Ulutho Technologies have a social mission centred on bridging the digital divide through providing ICT services that are geographically and economically accessible. The organisation already have twenty six branches located in deprived areas of the Eastern and Western Capes of South Africa. Each café can serve 200-300 clients a day and Silulo have already trained over 12,000 students.

Silulo Ulutho Technologies was a participant in a South African Scale Accelerator programme we delivered in conjunction with The Rockefeller Foundation, Bertha Centre for Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Cape Town University and Franchising Plus.

Expert Consultancy

Marie Stopes International (MSI) is one of the largest international family planning organisations in the world. Millions of the world's poorest and most vulnerable women trust Marie Stopes International to provide them with quality family planning and reproductive healthcare.

We work with MSI in Zambia on their Diva Centres initiative which is a human centred design approach to encouraging adolescents to access sexual health services. We are helping MSI to think about how this programme can be scaled and made sustainable.

Expert Consultancy

BeadforLife provide business training, programmes and support that enables women in Uganda who live in extreme poverty to become self-sustaining entrepreneurs thus, improving their livelihoods and well-being. One example is the Beading programme where fashionable fairtrade products are created in conjunction with business concepts such as accounting and quality control being taught.  We have worked with Bead for Life since August 2015 with the purpose of helping the organisation assess feasibility, develop a scale strategy and design a model for replicating their Street Business School (SBS), a programme that supports women to develop their capacity and business skills.

Expert Consultancy

The African Development Bank (AfDB) aims to spur sustainable economic development and social progress in its regional member countries, thus contributing to poverty reduction. AfDB funded a series of workshops, facilitated by the Social Fund for Development in Egypt, in which we participated by introducing social and micro franchising to the Egyptian market.

Through events and workshops, we discussed case studies, illustrated best practices, outlined financing mechanisms and drove awareness about the benefits of social and micro franchising to the country’s key stakeholders in large micro finance institutions (MFIs), corporations and NGOs.

Expert Consultancy
Expert Consultancy
Expert Consultancy

RECLAIM is a social change organisation that challenges the homogeneity that exists in the leadership profiles across UK society and supports youths and the working class people.

Expert Consultancy
Expert Consultancy
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