Getting to scale: 3 steps to achieving your ambitions

In June 2021, Dan Berelowitz, Spring Impact Founder and CEO, spoke about the 3 essential steps needed to get to scale at Acumen Academy’s Build 2021 Conference, a 5-week virtual conference providing social leaders and innovators with the tools and lessons needed for designing a more inclusive and just world.

The session distilled over 200 collective years of experience on scaling from the Spring Impact team into the essential three steps you must know if you are to solve problems at scale, and provided insight into:

  1. Understanding your ecosystem: how it affects you and how to affect it to achieve your mission
  2. Mapping your pathway to scale: Identify and embark upon the different scaling paths you can take to achieve your goals
  3. Having the right mindset and tools: Understanding how lean innovation practice will let you learn and pivot as you grow

To find out more, you can watch the full webinar recording available here.

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