Scale Accelerator Insights 2016-17

The Scale Accelerator is an innovative programme created by Spring Impact in 2015, which aims to help participating organisations create an ambitious yet realistic plan to accelerate social impact to scale. Participants complete the programme with:

  • an ambitious but realistic plan on how they can replicate their successful project
  • increased confidence and capabilities to deliver this plan
  • clarity on how they will evaluate their social impact as they scale
  • a support network of other organisations experiencing the same journey

The programme is managed by Spring Impact, formerly known as the International Centre for Social Franchising, and in 2017, four UK funders came together to sponsor a second cohort of six participants in their journey to scale. The programme includes Spring Impact’s support to create an ambitious scale strategy, design a model for implementation, create a financial model to test the implications and outline a two-year acceleration plan for scale. This is complemented by monitoring and evaluation support provided by The Social Innovation Partnership and training from the School for Social Entrepreneurs.

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