The Journey to Scale with Government

A tool to navigate towards government-owned solutions which have sustained impact at scale

Government is a critical player in ensuring that solutions reach communities at scale. Social impact organisations, governments and funders often share an ambition for government-owned solutions. But how best do these actors collaborate together to successfully navigate to these solutions?

Spring Impact and VillageReach, in collaboration with government, funders, and social impact organisations from 16 countries, have co-created a tool to support government ownership of solutions.

The interactive tool has three sections:

  • Setting out: preparing for the journey and embracing radical collaboration among key partners
  • The Mindset Shift: understanding the mindset shift required to let governments take the lead in identifying problems and designing and implementing solutions for use in the public sector
  • The Journey: exploring the five stages of this journey to scale, including how to mobilise collaborators, and how to co-create, execute, re-align and eventually embed solutions into the public sector

The Mindset Shift Section is also available as a stand-alone file by clicking here

We hope that this tool will be shared, adapted and applied by anyone aiming to collaboratively navigate the journey to sustained impact with government ownership.

Want to keep learning about scaling with government? We encourage you to join the Learning Network as we continue to learn together.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Gill, Our Friends in the North. Some rights reserved.

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