Government End Game Tool

A tool to help you scale and sustain your impact through government

Has your organization developed an impactful program that has the potential to change lives? Do you want the government to adopt your program because you believe it is best placed to scale and sustain the impact for its population over the long-term?

Spring Impact has designed this tool to help social impact organizations explore what government adoption really means for them in practice, and how to start taking steps towards it. Our mission is to enable the successful and sustainable scale of social impact and we know that government adoption is often a critical path towards this. We want to help the sector make sustainable, impactful public sector adoption more achievable.

This tool was developed to accompany Spring Impact’s research on ‘Scaling and Sustaining Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health Programs in the Public Sector in Sub-Saharan Africa’, but is designed to be applicable for social impact programs more broadly.

In developing this tool, Spring Impact was also inspired by the work of Global Development Incubator’s ‘What’s Your Endgame?’ report.

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Torgovnik/Getty Images/Images of Empowerment. Some rights reserved.


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