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Our response to racism and current events

The past months have again focused all of us on the long history and tragic toll of racism. Yet we know that for many of the organizations Spring Impact serves, facing the caustic effects of racism is day to day reality. We are committed to listen, learn, and act – as individuals and as a collective – to take actions against racism and to stand with true justice and equality for all.

Adapting and innovating in times of extreme uncertainty

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Ann Mei Chang, author of the book Lean Impact, and Spring Impact discuss how to move beyond flashy new ideas and develop a lean practice to achieve a greater impact with fewer resources.

Our impact around the world

We meet our clients wherever they are on their scale journey.

We know organisations delivering community-transforming work can spend a lot of time and precious resources trying to figure out the best way to grow. This is where we come in. We have pioneered a framework to unpack and demystify the complex arena of scaling social impact.

Five stage process

Our systematic five stage process, detailed in our open source Toolkit, is designed to enable organisations to identify, design and implement the right model to deliver their impact at a much larger scale

How we work

We hold ourselves to account by measuring our success based on the impact of our clients.

We always aim to empower our clients with the skills and confidence to implement by themselves.

how we work

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