A non-negotiable for scale: tending to your organisation

A proven solution and an ambitious strategy are key ingredients to scaling up. But ticking them off the list will not lead to impact at scale without attention to a fourth, often overlooked, ingredient – a dynamic organisational model that’s fit for scale. Many organisations with brilliant strategies and ground-breaking interventions are held back by the fundamentals of how the organisation runs.

Sam Edom, Managing Consultant at Spring Impact, writes for Pioneers Post about the need to look inwards as well as outwards in your quest for game-changing impact at scale, and pay careful, constant attention to your organisational model – how your organisation runs day to day, what your norms are, your structures, your operational heartbeat.

While leaders know their organisations need to evolve, the hardest thing can just be knowing where to start. Read the full article on Pioneers Post to explore how these challenges could be tackled.

Photo credit: Marie Stopes Zambia

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