Webinar: Sharing lessons from the journey to scale

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Preventing violence against children, child sexual abuse, and gender-based violence are critical issues, which need impactful interventions that meet the size of the problems and address them at scale.

But what does it truly take to scale up effective interventions and make a deeper impact? What do you need to get started, what are the mindsets required to progress effectively, and how do you test your assumptions and approach in the real world?

Join us on 12 May for a panel discussion sharing real-world stories, insights, and lessons from two organisations already on the journey to scale. We’ll be joined by:

  • Centrs Dardedze, a non-governmental organisation in Latvia, which has partnered with Spring Impact to scale up Džimba (en: ‘Jimba’) – a key programme preventing sexual violence against children by teaching kindergarten and primary school children about personal safety and safe relationships.
  • Child Health and Development Centre (CHDC), a department under the College of Health Sciences, School of Medicine, Makerere University, which has partnered with Spring Impact to scale up the Parenting for Respectability (PfR) programme – a community-based parenting programme for the early prevention of violence against children and gender-based violence.

The discussion will share practical insights and the key successes and challenges encountered on the journey to scale. Register for the webinar below to learn about how to know if you’re ready for scale and how to test assumptions quickly in the real world to reduce risks and save resources.

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Case study

Centrs Dardedze

Centrs Dardedze partnered with Spring Impact to create the structured approach to truly achieve a deeper impact sustainably with the Džimba programme. The partnership focused on developing:

  • New strategies which consider the problem they are looking to solve and the intended impact on the wider environment
  • A scale model that achieved deeper impact in a financially sustainable way
  • A significant shift in mindset and confidence in their approach

Read the case study to learn more about the key lessons gathered on Centrs Dardedze’s journey to scale.

Case study

Child Health and Development Centre (CHDC)

CHDC partnered with Spring Impact to develop a clear plan and approach to scale, focusing on key changes that would help them overcome scaling challenges and scale up the PfR programme effectively, including:

  • Changing the mindset about the level of evidence required to scale up
  • Identifying the essential components of the intervention and the systems required to scale up
  • Rethinking and understanding the role of the organisation and other stakeholders at scale

Read the case study to learn more about the key lessons gathered on CHDC’s journey to scale.

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