Building an Innovation Function for Sexual and Reproductive Freedom

“The Spring Impact team’s deep experience working with mission-driven organizations and their command of innovation frameworks made them trusted mentors and valuable hands-on collaborators. But their EQ is what sets them apart.” – Chief Innovation Officer for Healthcare and Advocacy Non Profit


This Healthcare and Advocacy Non Profit is one of the nation’s leading providers and advocates of high-quality, affordable sexual and reproductive health care for all people, as well as the nation’s largest provider of sex education. More than 2 million people seek care at health centers each year for high-quality, compassionate care — and tens of millions more around the globe visit our websites for accurate, unbiased information to help them make decisions about their health and bodies.


In advance of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, the organization needed support introducing internal Innovation and Learning tools to generate and scale constituent-centered solutions and strategies that improve sexual and reproductive freedom throughout the U.S.


Spring Impact supported the organization to introduce innovation tools and processes within and:

  • Create the department’s strategic focus and structure, including staff recruitment and training
  • Catalyze a culture of constituent-centered learning and innovation throughout the organization
  • Facilitate a series of constituent-centric innovation sprints to develop, test, and scale solutions in support of reproductive freedom

Outcomes and Impact: 

As a result of the work, the team has:

  • Launched a new Abortion Checklist – a tool that aids people in need of abortion care with a step-by-step list to follow,  made with privacy at its heart. The checklist provides options to view as PDFs only with no tracking. Patients can now more easily understand their abortion options, where to book an appointment quickly, coordinate logistics (cost, lodging, travel, childcare) for the service itself, and find emotional support services.  
  • Conducted a range of learning sessions to better understand the journey care-seekers face when navigating the organization’s various digital products. The learnings were subsequently used  to deploy a number of changes to this organization’s homepage (which has millions of visitors per month) that significantly improves the patient wayfinding experience and conversion rates for a variety of key services. 
  • Developed a playbook for effective learning and innovation, housed in the National Office.

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