How to scale up your impact with a feminist edge

How can we work towards achieving a lasting impact at scale that is rooted in feminist values?

Scaling up a social business isn’t just about size; it’s also about how it’s done. We need approaches that go beyond replicating successful solutions or achieving numerical growth, and instead focus on addressing power dynamics, dismantling systemic barriers and empowering marginalised communities.

Our Senior Programmes Manager, Amy Cuffley, alongside Rose Buabeng and Alice D Kanengoni – two experts with on-the-ground experience in Africa – wrote about the 4 key principles for creating lasting impact at scale while staying true to feminist values for Pioneers Post. Hint: it involves rejecting disempowering top-down partnerships, asking some leaders to relinquish their power and rethinking how finance flows.

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Photo credit: SaveAct.

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