Do you operate within the Early Childhood Development sector? Do you want to have impact at scale? Perhaps you’re not sure how to fund your work at scale, or you’re unsure if your ideas and plans will actually pan out.

Lean Impact for Scale offers fully-funded support to help social leaders test and improve their scale strategies. Conducted online over a 10-week period, the course is designed to help you: 

  • Gain guidance on how to define your scale strategy, identifying viable partners and payers
  • Learn how to de-risk uncertainties by testing with your community, partners and payers
  • Use data driven insights to improve your strategy
  • Develop a roadmap for continuous testing and improvement


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The entire programme was absolutely incredible and paved the way for scaling our mission. Just Do it!

Vehicles for Change

What you’ll leave with

“Spring Impact helped us tremendously to define “impact at scale”, leverage a clear framework to push our strategy, and illuminate some of the most consequential assumptions that need to be tested/resolved.”Chad Roundtree, CEO, Propel America

By being a part of this cohort, you will be well on your way to long-term financial sustainability. You will gain:

A defined, data-driven scale strategy, and identify viable partners and payers

De-risked uncertainties by testing your approach with your community, partners, and payers

Skills and knowledge to embed in your organisation  for continuous testing and improvement


Zero cost

Lean Impact for Scale is fully-funded, with no cost involved for the participants.


 The programme will take place fully online with sessions conducted over Zoom.


2 members of your team will be taking part, with both expected to commit to at least 1 day per week throughout the programme’s 10-week duration.


The programme will take place over 10
weeks from November – February 2023.

Please note: there will be a break in December to allow time off for the winter holidays. 

Who it's for

Lean Impact for Scale is for non-profit organisations working in South Africa in Early Childhood Development (ECD), led by ambitious change-makers who are ready to focus on impact at scale but have doubts about their strategy or implementation

  • There are spots available for up to 8 organisations so our experts can spend time in 1:1 personalised coaching
  • We require 2 leaders from each organisation to participate to foster collaboration and help build momentum

How you'll learn

Over the course of 10 weeks, you learn through:

  • 5 x 90-min virtual cohort sessions 
  • 5 x 30-min virtual individual coaching calls 
  • Applied activities including building minimum viable products, testing with constituents, and data analysis between each cohort session 

A team member should dedicate at least 1 day per week for experimentation

This course has been absolutely invaluable as it has enabled us to test quite a few ideas and understand what it will really take to get it to scale

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Not sure this is for you?

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