We developed our Lean Innovation practice with Ann Mei Chang, author of ‘Lean Impact: How to Innovate for Radically Greater Social Good’ and Steve Nagai-Ma, one of our sector’s most experienced lean impact practitioners.

Lean Impact is based on three principles:

  1. Think Big – set audacious goals and build an engine for growth that will move the needle relative to the size of the problem
  2. Start Small – build the agility to run fast experiments and drive feedback loops that will accelerate your pace of learning and reduce waste of time and money
  3. Relentlessly Seek Impact, Value, and Scale – identify and track the metrics that matter to increase impact and scale

Watch this video to learn more about using lean innovation to scale up impact.

It equipped us with the actual methodologies, practices and mindsets we need to be able to innovate more quickly and adjust our work to achieve greater impact.

Lisa Countryman, JVS CEO

What we do

We guide individual teams to unlock impact at scale through Deep Lean Innovation Support, build internal Lean Innovation Functions, and facilitate team or portfolio-wide Lean Innovation Trainings.

Deep Lean Innovation Support

We support organizations to iteratively develop solutions and models capable of sustainable impact at scale. We helped Dream Corps, a US-based social justice organisation develop a national program that cultivates future leaders and entrepreneurs from underrepresented backgrounds, creating a pipeline of diverse talent to shift the culture of the US tech sector.

Lean Innovation Functions

We build internal innovation capabilities that embed testing and learning across organizations. We partnered with Planned Parenthood Federation of America to collaboratively design their National Office’s Innovation and Learning Capability including hiring and training internal Innovation Leads, developing custom  methodologies and tools to quickly test new ideas with constituents, and incubating new ways to provide equitable reproductive services in a post Roe vs Wade country.

Lean Innovation Training

We partner with funders to offer team or portfolio-wide Lean Innovation trainings. We partnered with Schmidt Futures Foundation to offer training for all grantees, including tools to build a financially viable scale model, define critical metrics for scale, design lean experiments to improve upon their solutions quickly based on feedback from constituents and key stakeholders.



  • Practice co-creating and testing with constituents 
  • Real-world experimentation data that helps validate your scaling strategy, model and solutions 
  • Improvement on your models’ key metrics for scale – including financial sustainability, constituent impact, and stakeholder value


  • Teams developing a model or solution to create sustainable impact at the scale of societal problems 
  • Teams that want to inform their strategies for impact at scale based on real-world, constituent-centred data 
  • Any team focused on embedding the practices and culture of innovation


Interested in Lean Innovation Support?


Lean Impact: Adapting and innovating in times of extreme uncertainty

Ann Mei Chang, author of the book Lean Impact, client, JVS, and Spring Impact discuss how to move beyond flashy new ideas and develop a lean practice to achieve a greater impact with fewer resources.


Who we've worked with

Lean Innovation Support
The Mastercard Foundation works with visionary organisations to enable young people in Africa and Indigenous communities in Canada to access dignified and fulfilling work. They want a world where young people are included and thriving. Their leadership and contributions matter. They want a future where young people drive transformative change and achieve their full potential.
Lean Innovation Support
Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc. (PPFA) works to protect and expand access to sexual and reproductive health care and education and provides support to its member affiliates. Planned Parenthood affiliates are separately incorporated public charities that operate health centres across the U.S. as trusted sources of health care and education for people of all genders in communities across the country.
Lean Innovation Support
Blue Meridian Partners is a pioneering philanthropic model for finding and funding scalable solutions to the problems that limit economic and social mobility for America’s young people and families in poverty.
Lean Innovation Support

Schmidt Futures supports projects at the intersection of talent and technology, centred on specific, finite challenges that are connected to other efforts in the Schmidt philanthropic network.

Lean Innovation Support
EducationSuperHighway is a national non-profit with the mission to close the digital divide for the 17 million households that have access to the Internet but can’t afford to connect. It focuses on America’s most unconnected communities, where more than 25% of people don’t have Internet.
Lean Innovation Support
At Dream.Org, they close prison doors and open doors of opportunity for the green economy. They unite people across racial, social, and partisan lines to create a future with freedom, dignity and opportunity for all.
Lean Innovation Support
Centering Healthcare Institute imagines a U.S. healthcare system that offers not just medical interventions but combats isolation and builds communities, empowers and educates patients and partners to connect the most vulnerable with resources that contribute to overall health.
Lean Innovation Support
Abriendo Puertas is the first evidence-based program developed by and for Latino parents with children ages 0-5 – and adopted by diverse communities across the country.
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