Every day, thousands of people are displaced by conflicts, disasters, climate change and the risk of persecution. According to UNHCR, as of November 2022, there were over 231,000 refugees in the UK and 127,000 pending asylum applications.

Once they are granted refugee status and other forms of protection, refugees receive significantly reduced support. They often face numerous, substantial hurdles integrating into society – from accessing secure and affordable housing and opportunities for education, to gaining employment or funding to start new businesses.

The Lean Impact for Scale Training Programme helps mission-driven leaders tackling these issues build their scaling strategies and iteratively develop or refine solutions for scale. So that more refugees can access housing, income, education, community and what they need to rebuild their lives in the UK.

We carefully select participants for each cohort so that our scale experts can spend time with you in 1:1 personalised coaching. Over the course of 10 weeks, you’ll learn alongside other ambitious senior leaders in a cohort, and receive fully-funded support to:

  • Define your scale strategy, identifying partners and payers who might support your work.
  • Learn how to reduce risk and uncertainties by testing with your community, beneficiaries, partners, and payers.
  • Use data insights to improve your strategy.
  • Develop a plan for ongoing testing, learning, and improvements.

If you have a solution aimed at promoting the inclusion of refugees, check your eligibility to take part in the course. To discuss how we could assist you in achieving greater impact in other ways, please get in touch.

*We acknowledge the significant efforts of organisations in providing basic needs materials and advocating for asylum system reform. However, solutions exclusively focused on these aspects are not the focus of this cohort.

Check your eligibility

If you're eligible, you will receive a link to submit your application.

Application deadline: 15 April

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Check this out for an overview of what you’ll gain from participating in the programme.

Spring Impact guided us in questioning the scale and impact we want to achieve. The learning from lean impact to start small and think big and continually test and iterate is slowly embedding across many areas of our work

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Programme Details

Zero cost

Lean Impact for Scale is fully-funded, with no cost for participants.


The programme will take place over Zoom.


2 team members (one of whom is in a leadership position) are each able to commit 1 day per week


The programme will take place over 10
weeks from May – July 2024


What you’ll leave with

“We were guessing at how to get to impact at scale. The cohort enabled us to test so many ideas we’ve been sitting on for years and to really understand what it will take to get to scale. It’s been absolutely invaluable.”
– Amala Education

By being a part of this cohort, you will be well on your way to long-term financial sustainability. You will:

Define and improve your scale strategy based on data insights, identifying partners and payers who might support your work.

Learn how to reduce risk and uncertainties by testing with your community, partners, and payers.

Develop a plan for ongoing testing, learning, and improvements.

Who it's for

 The course is for UK-based organisations meeting the following criteria:

  • Mission: Supporting refugees in securing housing, income, education, fostering community connections, and/or promoting entrepreneurship. Solutions exclusively focused on providing basic needs materials and advocating for asylum system reform are not the focus of this cohort.
  • Life stage: Growing or mature organisations that are ready to reach their next level of scale by building scaling strategies and iteratively developing or refining interventions for scale.
  • Size: Sufficient funding to sustain operations for the next 12 months. 
  • Geographic focus: UK (regional, or national level).

Check your eligibility

How you'll learn

Over the course of 10 weeks, you learn through:

  • 5 x 2-hr virtual cohort sessions 
  • 5 x 30-min virtual individual coaching calls 
  • Applied activities including building minimum viable products, testing with constituents, and data analysis between each cohort session

One team member will  dedicate at least 1 day per week for experimentation.

What to expect from Lean Impact for Scale

The questions you'll answer:

  • What scale pathways are right for us and how can we avoid wasting resources pursuing the wrong strategy?
  • How can we find sustainable funding beyond grants?
  • Who are our partners at scale, and will they deliver with quality and at scale?


The Alumni experience

  • 100% of participants have successfully formulated a scale strategy hypothesis.
  • 100% have actively executed at least one real-world test alongside partners or funders
  • Past participants rated the likelihood to recommend the programme 9/10.

What is Lean Impact?

As problems in our society become increasingly complex, mission-driven organisations need to become more ambitious, nimble and effective at producing solutions that make a difference at scale.

We developed our Lean practice with Ann Mei Chang, author of ‘Lean Impact: How to Innovate for Radically Greater Social Good’ and Steve Nagai-Ma, one of our sector’s most experienced lean impact practitioners.

Lean Impact is based on three principles:

  • Think Big – set audacious goals and build an engine for growth that will move the needle relative to the size of the problem
  • Start Small – build the agility to run fast experiments and drive feedback loops that will accelerate your pace of learning and reduce waste of time and money
  • Relentlessly Seek Impact, Value, and Scale – identify and track the metrics that matter to increase impact and scale

To find out more, listen to our podcast episode with Ann Mei Chang, or visit this page.

Check your eligibility

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Check our 'Getting Scale Ready'.- a 5-week online course designed to help you build the foundations for scale

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