Our Values

Spring Impact was established with a set of values. We pledged to be open, questioning and collaborative, to build on experience and share our success with our partners.

Now, after significant thought and discussion, we have arrived at an updated set of values that make sense to our team, and that recognise how we have changed in the 12 years since we were founded.

These updated values reflect who we are and who we strive to be.

  • Our core values represent who we are right now and show up in everything we do. They underpin all our successes and we would not be the people we are without them.
  • Our aspirational values articulate our ambition to grow and develop as a team. They communicate those things that we want to do more of, and those that we want to do better.

Now we need some help from our friends. We are sharing these updated values, so that we can hear what makes sense, and what does not. Your feedback will help us refine and communicate this change.

Our cornerstone value

Our cornerstone value is relentlessly striving for impact and justice’. This represents who we are right now, as well as our ambition to grow and develop.

Who we are right now

We are relentless. Our work will never be done. We will always be striving to improve.

We have an impact mindset. A focus on impact is foundational to our approach. It shows up in all our work, from business development calls to client workshops. We will support all our clients to impact a problem at scale.

We are motivated by justice. We seek a better, fairer world. This is at the root of why we do the work we do.

Our ambition to grow and develop

We aspire to become genuinely impact-led. To do so, we’ll collect more and better information about the impact we and our partners have. We’ll use our impact data to make better decisions and inform how we work in the future. And we’ll make sure that these decisions prioritise impact, in who we work with and where we invest effort.

We want to become more focused on achieving equality and justice, centring DEIJ both in the work we do and the way in which we do it.

Our core values

Supporting our cornerstone value,  there are four values that we wish to protect.

A questioning nature: We are problem-solvers at heart, and always curious to find better ways of getting things done. Our work is not just about  “what” but “why.” We should be sceptical of received wisdom, dogma and the status quo.

Putting people first: We believe in looking out for each other, having fun together and enjoying the world that we do. We should all do work that personally motivates and excites us, as individuals and as a team.

A systematic approach: We will bring rigorous structure and process to complex issues, solving problems and answering questions. This way we can achieve consistency, and constantly build on the work we have done.

Working in partnership: We know we are only as good as those we work with. We will meet people, teams and organisations where they are, working with rather than for.

Our aspirational values

We recognise that there are some things we would like to do better.

We aspire to be more humble. We will bring in new ideas from the sector and beyond. We can always learn, and we will work with those who bring in additional experience and expertise. And we want to be transparent about our approach, recognising those things we have got wrong and learning from them.

We also want to be better at challenging ourselves and others. To hold everyone to account for doing things differently. To have difficult conversations when that’s the right thing to do. To be more vocal about asserting our beliefs, opinions and the changes we want to see. And to invest in our own development by providing candid feedback.

What do you think?

We'd love to hear your feedback on what makes sense, what doesn't, and how we could do better

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