The Pros and Cons of Different Pathways to Scale in the Last Mile Distribution sector

This article for Next Billion describes a range of options for scaling Last Mile Distribution solutions, based on the work of Spring Impact and Global Distributors Collective, with the support of British International Investment.

Most solutions in global development are only scratching the surface of the huge challenges the world faces. It’s widely recognized that the only way to truly solve these growing problems is to develop solutions that can scale.

But what do we mean when we talk about scale? Simply put, scale is about increasing impact exponentially, relative to the size of the problem, while adding resources incrementally. This is distinct from growth, in which impact is increased at the same rate as resources are consumed.

Without this exponential growth, even promising solutions may struggle to address the world’s escalating challenges — and last mile distribution (LMD) is no exception.

Check out the full article on, co-authored by our Managing Director Emma Colenbrander and Russel Lyseight, Head of the Global Distributors Collective.

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