‘Build, Test, Respond’: How Lean Testing Enables You To De-Risk Scaling Strategies

Whether you work in a social enterprise or a non-profit organization, we all aspire to create an organizational culture that fosters agility and enables us to learn from failure. “Fail fast, fail often” is just as common a mantra in the non-profit space as it is in the business world. But it’s not easy to practice this principle in the “non-profit industrial complex,” with its donor-restricted plans, short-term funding cycles, and cumbersome measurement and evaluation processes. And for-profit social enterprises face many of the same challenges.

Our Managing Director, Emma Colenbrander, and Amy Ragsdale, Director of Lean Innovation, write for Next Billion about how lean testing can enable organisations to de-risk their scaling strategies and accelerate their impact. Drawing on a case study of Spring Impact’s work with The Able Trust team, who have used lean testing to hypothesize, learn and iterate on their strategy to transform employment inclusion for Floridians with disabilities, the article explore how this approach can be a key way of ensuring limited resources are spent wisely.

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