Impact Risk Management Quiz

A self-reflective tool to help funders evaluate their grantmaking practices

No organization scales impact without overcoming unexpected obstacles and adapting to ever-changing external conditions.

Funders have a duty to ensure that grantees are able to overcome roadblocks, when they arise, in order to preserve their impact and safeguard investments.

Spring Impact and Open Road Alliance have created a self-diagnostic quiz to help you assess how well your foundation is doing when it comes to impact risk management. Take the quiz to:

  • Evaluate your foundation’s practices against eight domains of safeguarding impact (risk mindset, risk profile, risk culture and incentives, grantee support and communication, budget, decision-making, monitoring and evaluation, and learning)
  • Use the quiz results to initiate meaningful conversations within your organization 
  • Learn the next steps you can take to improve your impact risk management

Take the quiz

What is "Impact risk"?

The journey towards impact at scale is filled with uncertainty. 1 in 5 social impact projects encounter unexpected obstacles that could derail their intended impact. 

This type of risk is called “impact risk” – including everything from weather events to partner difficulties, fluctuation in exchange rates to government intervention, and even changes in funder strategy.

This tool has been built in partnership with Open Road Alliance, an organization with a mission to remove barriers on the road to impact.

Its development is part of Spring Impact’s commitment to helping funders develop the practices and knowledge needed to effectively support their grantees as they advance towards greater impact at scale.

Take the quiz

Complete the quiz to assess your current grantmaking, and learn what practices you can adopt to help grantees keep impact on track.

Completed the quiz?

Congratulations on taking this important step! Take a look at the next steps for ideas on where to start on your journey towards maximizing impact.

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