Spreading Healthcare Innovation in the NHS

A practical tool to help healthcare innovators take a strategic approach to spreading their innovation across the NHS.

Are you a healthcare innovator, looking to spread impact across the NHS more effectively? Do you want to deepen your skills and understanding of how to successfully replicate your innovation?

Spring Impact has developed a new tool to help healthcare innovators lead the spread of their innovation using a strategic approach. Supported by the Health Foundation, the tool draws on learnings from the Exploring Social Franchising programme which helped four teams to spread social innovation across the NHS from 2017 to 2021.

This practical tool enables you and your team to ask critical questions about your intervention, scaling plans and team; and to consider the next steps needed to prepare for success. It challenges you to hold yourself to account to ensure your impact is successfully replicated.

Why use the tool

Providers across the NHS, either working individually or in teams, are at the forefront of developing innovations that deliver real improvements to patient outcomes and experience, and to the efficiency of care provided.

As the UK healthcare system emerges from the height of the Covid-19 crisis into a period of continued uncertainty, ensuring these innovations are effectively, efficiently and equitably adopted across the UK will be essential.

Using the tool will give you the opportunity to help your social innovation make a real contribution to solving the problem at scale, and develop your own understanding of the practice of replication. It will help you:

  • Learn about leading the spread of healthcare innovations using a strategic, partnership approach
  • Learn about the key building blocks which need to be in place for this approach to be successful
  • Critically assess whether you and your team are well positioned to lead scale up and adopt the required mindset

Who it's for

The tool can be used by any team or organisation seeking to spread a proven healthcare intervention across the NHS, and is specifically applicable for process innovations, quality improvement and new service models, rather than new health products. You might be:

  • A healthcare team that has piloted a solution in several locations, with proven evidence of impact
  • A charity or social enterprise delivering a proven intervention in a few sites
  • A business unit of a university or foundation trust looking to scale key innovations across the healthcare system

The development of this tool is part of Spring Impact’s commitment to enabling effective healthcare innovations to scale their impact and change even more lives. If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with our team, please contact Sam Edom here.

Want to learn more? Watch a recording of our webinar where we explore the success factors and pitfalls of spreading innovation within the NHS, and talk through how to use the tool to strengthen your ability to replicate.

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