Can franchising help create quality jobs in London?


This week we published our research report, produced in partnership with The Social Innovation Partnership (TSIP) and Numbers for Good, and kindly funded by JP Morgan Chase Foundation. The report assesses the potential of franchises to provide quality employment for Londoners experiencing poverty. 


The need to create high quality, stable jobs in London is undeniable. 2.25 million people experience poverty in London and in-work poverty is increasing. At the same time, the franchising sector in the UK has experienced strong growth, 621,000 people are employed in a franchise in the UK – a 70% increase in the last 10 years.

Our research set out to assess the potential of franchises to provide quality employment for low-income groups in London. Here are some of our findings:

  • There is great excitement around the idea of harnessing franchising principles to address the need for quality jobs in London.
  • Any employability programme focused on commercial franchises would face operational challenges.
  • An alternative approach, applying the principles of franchising to mission led businesses, has the potential to achieve significant impact.

If you would like to discuss our findings or have any questions about the research, please get in touch with Joe at  [email protected]



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