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  1. Spring Impact Appears in The Times Raconteur

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    “In the simplest sense, micro-franchises are ‘businesses in a box’ which can be taken on by low-income individuals,” says Joe Kallarackal, director of the International Centre for Social Franchising. “As a lot of the supporting systems have been tested and packaged up, the franchisee doesn’t need to have a lot of specific skills to take it on.”

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  2. Dan Berelowizt Spring Impact, appears in Forbes

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    “Today’s young entrepreneurs are renowned for their passion and commitment to changing things for the better through their businesses. And as socially responsible business leaders, their aim is to make an impact on some of the world’s biggest social challenges.

    The most outstanding among them also get an opportunity to be recognised by the World Economic Forum and invited to join an exclusive global organisation, Young Global Leaders (YGL), whose 800 members have access to a network of high profile people to help them further their endeavours to bring about change and operate as a force for good…”

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  3. Ethical Performance celebrates Young Global Leaders

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    “The World Economic Forum is now in its 47th year. It’s famous for its annual summit in Davos attended by luminaries in multiple industries. But It is also known for selecting and bringing together a yearly community of over 800 Young Global Leaders (YGL)—enterprising and socially-minded men and women, all under the age of 40…”

    “The six British YGLs  are a mix of known names and rising stars, among them celebrated former England and Manchester United football player, Rio Ferdinand, founder of the Rio Ferdinand Foundation and Presenter BT Group Plc. Ferdinand was selected in acknowledgement of his work in tackling youth unemployment by building skills, cooperation and opportunities for disadvantaged communities. Other names include Dan Berelowitz, CEO and founder of Spring Impact, an entrepreneur whose not-for-profit is pioneering ‘social franchising’—helping high potential social ventures replicate their social impact to scale…”


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