Scale Accelerator UK: Learning Paper 2022

This learning paper provides an evaluation of the Scale Accelerator UK programme, and highlights the lessons learned by the participant organisations, as well as Spring Impact, in the process. 

Scale Accelerator is our flagship programme, which has supported over 60 organisations across the world to reach more people in a sustainable way. It has been delivered across the UK, Southern Africa, and Europe and it aims to support organisations to scale their programmes and to reach more service users more effectively.

Since 2019, 21 organisations have taken part in the UK Scale Accelerator programme and 19 in Leaders of Scale. Four cohorts were offered a mix of group workshops; bespoke consultancy; reports; and modelling.

The work we are doing at the moment feels much more
sustainable than the work we did before.

Previous participant

This learning paper, developed by m2 Consultants, evaluates the programme’s impact on the participant organisations in the UK edition of the programme, and highlights the lessons learned by the organisation, as well as Spring Impact, in the process. 

The paper provides an overview of the seven key ways in which Scale Accelerator had enabled participants to develop a sophisticated understanding of what is needed to scale up and implement it, including:

  1. Increased strategic thinking: ‘It is that ability to think more strategically; how our programmes connect to our overall mission and vision.’
  2. Developing effective tools: ‘I learnt to document everything when scaling. This means that now I have everything ready [and] the systemisation of everything was very helpful.’
  3. Having space and time to reflect: ‘Doing Scale Accelerator gave us the opportunity to have the space for honest discussions about what we did on a daily basis, what we wanted to do, and what, moving forwards, would be the best thing to do.’
  4. Increased internal alignment: ‘Spring Impact insisted that we got the Board involved early and we have done so and kept them involved throughout. We have all come together in our ambition to scale up.’
  5. Increased confidence: ‘Spring Impact have helped us have confidence in our credentials and our abilities.’
  6. Communicating more effectively: ‘It gave us a language to explore some of what we were doing already with a view of doing it on a much bigger scale in the future.’
  7. Sustainability: ‘What we are doing now makes a lot more financial sense.’

Participating organisations all describe significant benefits from taking part in Scale Accelerator and all would recommend the programme to others.

To explore each lesson in depth, read the full evaluation here

m2 was appointed as learning partner to Scale Accelerator in 2017. This paper is a summary of the ongoing evaluation conducted by the consultants up until 2022.

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