10 outstanding organisations selected for Scale Accelerator: Preventing Childhood Sexual Violence

Meet the mission-driven organisations selected to participate in our flagship Scale Accelerator programme, which is focused on preventing childhood sexual violence across the UK and the European Union.

Made possible thanks to the support of Oak Foundation, Scale Accelerator: Preventing Childhood Sexual Violence seeks to reduce the number of children who experience sexual abuse and exploitation each year. The Spring Impact team will be working closely with each of these organisations to create a society where children are safe from harm and able to thrive.

The programme provides fully-funded consultancy support to these ambitious organisations working at the forefront of this challenge. The consultancy support will equip them with the guidance, tools, and knowledge to build and implement sustainable strategies for scaling their solutions and identify the best way of driving change at a national and systemic level. Ultimately ensuring  their vital work reaches  more people, in more places.

We have been discussing how to increase our reach and made some initial attempts.  We value the opportunity to work with Spring Impact to explore and evaluate how best to take our work to the next level and learn from the other participants.

Ariel Trust

Learn more about the ten selected organisations and their work:

Ariel Trust: Is an educational charity headquartered in Liverpool, UK. It aims to enhance the opportunities available to young people and bridge the gap they often feel towards media by providing greater understanding and access. Their mission is to improve the quality of education by developing models of best practice based on multimedia projects that tackle social themes.

Ariel Trust is the leading supplier of violence prevention education for Merseyside Primary schools.  As part of the Scale Accelerator , their ambition is to grow their reach on a regional and then national basis, delivering significant impacts to more children.

CyberSafeKids: Is Ireland’s online safety charity. Founded in 2015, their mission is to ensure that children are safer online and that the online world is made safer for them. They do this by providing education and expert guidance to schools to help children, teachers, and parents navigate the online world safely and responsibly. They do this by giving voice to children’s online experience and by being a fierce advocate for children’s online safety.

CyberSafeKids goal is to scale up the delivery and impact of their education programme so that every child has the skills and knowledge to access the online world in a safe and positive manner.

Empowering Children Foundation: Is the largest  NGO in Poland dedicated to preventing child abuse and assisting abused children. Founded in 1991, they provide support services and education about the safety of children online, taking steps to provide a child-friendly Justice System and introducing Child Protection Standards.

They are looking to scale their Gadki (Talks) programme, which focuses on helping children and parents prevent child sexual abuse by demystifying the conversation about intimacy related topics and how it could be introduced to children in early life stage, adequately to their age, demonstrating to parents how they can actively contribute to their children’s safety. 

IMARA: Is a charity that offers independent specialist services in Nottinghamshire, the UK that support children, young people and their safe family members following the disclosure or discovery of child sexual abuse or domestic abuse.

As part of the Scale Accelerator, their objective is to reach a stage where they can provide tailored packages to every school in Nottinghamshire, supported by a mobilised workforce to implement it. These packages need to be designed in collaboration with young people, ensuring they are addressing relevant issues effectively. Additionally, they are looking to forge partnerships with other Nottinghamshire-based services and Learn to Lead specialists in co-production methodologies.

Lifting Limits: A UK-based charity with a mission to support gender equality in and through education. Working with educators in the primary school and early years, they provide training and resources to support a whole-school approach to gender equality. 

As part of the Scale Accelerator , they are looking to scale their Global Boyhood Initiative project alongside, Equimundo. It is a three-year project to develop and test a new curriculum for all genders aged 7-11 in England. It aims to promote gender equality and challenge limiting gender stereotypes. 

If we are going to drive a societal shift, we need to scale further. As part of this programme, we expect to continue contributing to ensure that children are ultimately safer in the online world.


METAdrasi: Is an internationally awarded Greek non-profit organisation that is dedicated to protecting and integrating refugees and migrants in Greece. Guided by the principles of efficiency, transparency, and innovation, METAdrasi is determined to achieve structural change by advocating for sustainable approaches to migration issues.

They introduced the innovative Guardianship programme in Greece in 2014, a vital initiative for safeguarding unaccompanied and separated children, which has now been institutionalised by the government. 

By raising awareness among minors to recognise and report incidents, training and monitoring Guardians to record and report incidents, and creating a secure environment for unaccompanied and separated children, METAdrasi seeks to scale the procedures for addressing the underreporting of child abuse incidents among the unaccompanied minors in Greece.

NWG Network: Is a charitable organisation serving as a UK-wide network of over 14,500 practitioners that disseminates critical information to professionals addressing child abuse, exploitation and trafficking within the UK. This network encompasses voluntary and statutory services as well as private entities operating in this sector, providing comprehensive support, guidance, and training, among other valuable services.

With a distinguished reputation established over the years, much of their previous work has been sustained by grant funding. Now, there’s a strategic shift towards a more sustainable fee-based model, capitalising on their high reputation across the nation. As part of this transition, through the Scale Accelerator, they seek to enhance their financial independence by reducing reliance on grant funding through strategic initiatives.

Specchio Magico: Is a non-profit organisation founded in Italy in 2001. Their flagship programme, the Porcospini project, represents an innovative and effective response to the emerging and strategic need for prevention of child sexual abuse investment, a primary element of child protection, by institutional bodies.

Their goal is to significantly scale up the Porcospini project through the Scale Accelerator by extending its reach to new territories and engaging with additional professionals, establishing it as a renowned model for primary prevention against child abuse and neglect in diverse regions. This expansion aims to foster synergies with local communities, authorities, and institutions while exploring innovative sustainability and fundraising solutions.

Protect Children: Is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation founded in Helsinki, Finland. Working internationally with a dedicated team, they  advocate for the right of the child to be free from sexual violence.

Recognising a critical need for a user-friendly online resource to assist individuals grappling with the consumption of child sexual abuse material (CSAM), they developed the ReDirection Self-Help Programme. This anonymous online initiative is designed to aid users in altering their harmful behaviour patterns and ceasing their consumption of CSAM. Ultimately, the intervention aims to curtail the occurrence of further sexual violence against children. They are currently in the process of expanding their solution across the European Union.

Terre des Hommes (TdH): Is a Swiss organisation for children’s aid, created in 1960, committed to protecting children’s lives and their rights, and improving their well-being. 

TdH Regional Hub in Europe is ambitious about  tackling gender-based violence against children in school settings. While possessing strong, evidence-based solutions for tackling this phenomenon, there is demand  to adapt these solutions to each unique local context in countries of Hungary, Greece, Romania, Ukraine, Moldova, Albania, and Kosovo. As part of the Scale Accelerator , they are looking to meet those demands, expanding their knowledge on scaling up social impact-oriented solutions and being equipped with tools that would enable them to optimise their delivery. 

About Scale Accelerator


ScA Preventing Childhood Sexual Violence – meet the cohort
NWG is a charitable organisation formed as a UK network of over 14,500 practitioners who disseminate our information down through their services, to professionals working on the issue of child exploitation (CE) and trafficking within the UK.
ScA Preventing Childhood Sexual Violence – meet the cohort
Lifting Limits takes a whole-school approach, integrating gender equality into the school curriculum, ethos, and routines. It equips staff and pupils to recognise, discuss, and challenge stereotypes and inequalities wherever they find them.
ScA Preventing Childhood Sexual Violence – meet the cohort
CyberSafeKids is an Irish charity, which has been empowering children, parents, schools and businesses to navigate the online world in a safer and more responsible way since 2015.
ScA Preventing Childhood Sexual Violence – meet the cohort
Protect Children is a non-profit, non-governmental Helsinki-based organisation working internationally with a dedicated team advocating for the right of the child to be free from sexual violence. They take a research-based holistic method to prevent any child from being subject to sexual harassment, grooming, or any other kind of sexual violence.
ScA Preventing Childhood Sexual Violence – meet the cohort
METAdrasi was founded in December 2009 to facilitate the reception and integration of refugees and migrants in Greece.  Believing that migration leads to development, METAdrasi is determined to uphold and protect the fundamental human rights of all those displaced and persecuted. The name METAdrasi is a synthesis of the Greek words “meta” and “drasi, meaning “then + action” and encapsulates our purpose and philosophy.”
ScA Preventing Childhood Sexual Violence – meet the cohort
Terre des hommes has been working hand-in-hand with children for more than 60 years to win protection and respect for their rights so that every child can enjoy their right to health, hygiene, education, security, justice, dignity, and so on.
ScA Preventing Childhood Sexual Violence – meet the cohort
Empowering Children Foundation has been protecting children from violence and sexual abuse for over 30 years. They provide children and their caregivers with support, professional psychological and legal assistance and care. They teach adults how to wisely and effectively respond to violence against children and what to do when they suspect that a child is being abused. They support and engage parents to raise their children with love and respect, and influence Polish law so that it protects the best interests of the child.
ScA Preventing Childhood Sexual Violence – meet the cohort
Specchio Magico constructs and implements pedagogical projects capable of guiding operators' actions and making the proposed activities significant. They offer its services through the experience and professionalism of qualified and constantly updated personnel.
ScA Preventing Childhood Sexual Violence – meet the cohort
Ariel Trust is an Educational Charity based in Liverpool that was set up in 1982 to improve the life chances of young people and give them a greater understanding of and access to Media from which they feel alienated.  They aim to support the development of resilient young people, working with them to tackle important issues in their lives.
ScA Preventing Childhood Sexual Violence – meet the cohort
Imara is an independent specialist service that supports children, young people and their safe family members following disclosure or discovery of child sexual abuse or domestic abuse. They are a charity, and all of our services are free to access. We receive referrals directly from the local paediatric sexual assault referral centre , social care, education, police and specialist domestic abuse services.
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