Request for proposal: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice Consultant

As part of planning for this year, the Spring Impact UK team made a commitment to centring DEIJ in our work – making explicit our intention to foster a culture and coordinate activities that enable us to achieve diversity, inclusion, equity and justice – as an employer; with our clients; and within the social sector at large.

Scope of work

We’ve made some progress, and also recognise there’s still room for improvement. With this in mind, we’re looking to engage a consultant, or team of consultants, to support us in:

  • Reviewing the progress we’ve made so far
  • Auditing our processes and ways of working through a DEIJ lens, and recommending actions for further improvement over the next 6-12 months


We are open to the consultant(s) suggesting activities supporting these objectives, though expect that outputs will include:

  • A one-page report for internal stakeholders on progress made last year
  • A presentation to the leadership team on opportunities for further improvement

We hope to start this work in the new year and welcome proposals before Friday, 31 January, 2022. If you are interested and have questions about the scope of work, please contact [email protected].

About Spring Impact

Spring Impact is a global mission-driven organisation which works to strengthen the global practice around scaling social impact, through deep partnerships with organisations, and by developing and sharing insight.

Since 2011, Spring Impact worked on 300 projects with 250 unique organisations based in over 50 countries. Partners and clients have included large INGOs and institutions, such as USAID, Marie-Stopes International, Population Services International, larger UK charities such as the NSPCC and Leonard Cheshire Disability, as well as smaller community-based organisations such as WeVolution, MayDay Trust and Reclaim.


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