No “One-size-fits-all” When Scaling

Over the last six years Spring Impact has been helping non-profits and social enterprises scale their impact, using a process called ‘social replication’.

We’ve learned over the years that while replication is difficult, it can be made easier, more systematic and less risky. It starts with not thinking that there’s a one-size-fits-all model for scaling social impact, which is why we have rebranded to Spring Impact.

Our rebrand reflects our open, questioning approach, working in  partnership with organizations to find the right path for them, so that, together, we can scale social impact efficiently and effectively.

More than one way

While we started off specializing in social franchising (one of our favorite methods of replication), we quickly realized that, in order to meet an organization ‘where they are’, other replication models might be a better ‘fit’.

We now work across the various replication models, outlined below.

Asking the right questions

For us, our work with clients isn’t simply about ‘selecting’ a model. Instead it’s about creating a dialogue, by asking the right questions, to help organizations choose the best model for them.

Are you ready to scale?
Why do you want to scale?
Where do you want to scale?
How are you going to scale?
What do you need to scale?
How can you learn and improve from the pilot?
How do you scale to more sites more quickly, while maintaining quality and learning?

These questions are simple but important. In order to help an organization answer them as fully as possible, we use a  five-stage methodology  (pictured above), which we developed in-house and continue to constantly refine.

Throughout the entire process, we take a  partnership approach with each organization. To help them unpack and demystify the complex arena of scaling social impact.

Making the right choice with you

In practice, each organization we work with is at a different stage, and may have already started exploring aspects of what it takes to replicate. Some organizations have systemized operations already. Some have already replicated to new geographies, or attempted to. And others are right at the start of this exciting journey.

Having worked with over 90 organizations looking to scale their social impact, our experience and expertise, combined with our open, questioning approach, means we are well placed to guide all these organizations – and yours – on a unique journey to scale.

Greg Coussa,
US Director 
Spring Impact

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