Charity Today: 8 lessons for funders & charities

An article highlighting insights from our pilot UK Scale Accelerator.

Many promising charities and social enterprises in the UK are looking to scale up their proven solutions to social issues to reach more people, but often need additional skills, resources and capacity to make this happen.

“Often solutions exist that can address some of our society’s greatest problems, but we need to unlock their potential to reach more people. This is the reason we founded the Scale Accelerator programme,” says Dan Berelowitz, Founder and CEO of The International Centre For Social Franchising (ICSF).

The Scaling Social Impact in the UK: Lessons from Scale Accelerator report reveals four key considerations for organisations looking to scale their impact. These insights range from taking the time to assess readiness, being clear on what specific elements of an intervention need to be replicated to achieve impact, finding the right partners to preparing for change.

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