RACI: workshop at the Australia Embassy in Buenos Aires

Our Australian Director, Steve Fisher, recently led a workshop at the Australian Embassy in Buenos Aires on empowering attendees to identify and replicate successful social projects.

Delivered in partnership with the Argentinian Network for International Cooperation (RACI in Spanish) Steve Fisher, ICSF Australian Director, led a highly engaged group through a workshop on how to identify and replicate successful social projects.

After an opening from Noel Campbell, the Australian Ambassador to Argentina, the group worked together to identify examples of social replication from Argentina, producing a list that they analysed to identify key factors in each case. Participants then discussed potential areas for improvement within the non-government sector (commonly known as civil society in Latin America) that would enable more social projects to successfully achieve wider replication.

Key factors include a need to overcome ‘territorialism’, legal complexities, a lack of investment funds, shortcomings in communication and connectivity and a limited willingness among the population to pay for social services.

The workshop developed ideas about an effective replication model, finishing with valuable insights from a number of participants on the key role of scaling up civil society organisations to achieve greater positive social impact in Argentina.

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