Books Beyond Words

Books Beyond Words is a nonprofit working to empower people who can’t read, or struggle with the written word, to cope with feelings. Their work is based on the Books Beyond Words series, compromised of books that help people to understand their world through pictures that tell stories about themes such as love and relationships, health, death and crime.

To support the books, Beyond Words offer a training service to help teach interested individuals how best to use the books, both in a one to one environment and in groups. The training can then lead to people setting up book clubs. Based on the current success of the books, training and book clubs Books Beyond Words are looking to expand their current reach across the UK and internationally, with a particular interest in scaling to the US.

We are working with the Beyond Words team to take their training and book clubs to scale, by designing a replication system that will sustain social impact and financial sustainability across the UK, while also identifying potential areas of adaption to take the model to the US in the future.

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