Project overview

The Spring Impact Social Replication Toolkit has been accessed 1000s of times by people looking to scale their social impact. It has been a key way to make our scaling-methodology accessible to the wider sector to improve the sector’s knowledge of and ability to scale successfully and sustainably.

We’re now looking to redevelop the toolkit and make it more accessible and actionable for people looking to scale social impact.

We’re seeking a partner that’s experienced in developing digital products and leading user driven co-design processes. The partner would help us go from the development of concepts and prototypes to testing and validating with users, the end output being an MVP version of the toolkit as well as a technical brief that can be used to guide the build of the finished digital toolkit.


We’re looking to complete this work within the time period of March-July 2021



Project Details


Re-develop, test and launch MVP version of the Spring Impact Toolkit, make it accessible and actionable for audiences looking to scale social impact.

Scope of work 

    • Feed into, and participate in, the design process from a user perspective

    • Co-develop and test prototypes with users

    • Co-develop and test marketing materials based on user insights

    • Co-develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of the toolkit

    • Develop technical specifications for building the final digital product


    • Writeup of user insights

    • Prototypes, tested and validated with users

    • Toolkit marketing materials

    • MVP of the toolkit

    • Technical specifications for building the final digital product

The partners would be working closely with a Spring Impact project team who would be responsible for: 

    • Setting the direction and align expectations for each project phase

    • Contributing with insights around audience and user experience

    • Contributing with content and methodologies for tool development

    • Reviewing outputs and ensuring content follows best practice

    • Convene other stakeholders internally and externally to feed into the process

Design requirements 

    • Modular content

    • Clear information hierarchy, easy to navigate

    • Visual

    • Practically focused

    • Easy to update and add to the toolkit so it can grow with the organisation

    • Sharable

Partner Profile

Partner profile 

    • User centered

    • Experienced in developing engaging digital learning products

    • Quick at going through the development cycle

    • Collaborative and can draw on the expertise of our team while being conscious of time limitations


Spring Impact understands that in order to provide the best possible advice to our diverse client base across a wide range of sectors, we are strongest when our team has a variety of experience, expertise, and insights to draw from. For us, diversity isn’t merely a strategy: it’s an essential part of our organisational success. We are committed to ensuring that Spring Impact is representative of our society at large, and is an inclusive environment for all, regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, disability, and socioeconomic background.

Application Process

If you are interested in the work, please submit:

    • Relevant information about you/ your organization, including your experience and how you meet the listed profile requirements
    • Your proposed approach and estimated hours to deliver
    • Work samples and potential references

Please email any questions or responses to [email protected] with the subject “Potential Contractor for Toolkit Revamp: Your Name.”

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