Scaling Solutions to tackle COVID-19

Our team has spent a lot of time recently thinking about our partners in the social sector, particularly those on the front-line of responding to COVID-19. While this crisis affects everyone, we all know it is the people they serve – often the most vulnerable in our communities – that are particularly at risk.

The global pandemic means non-profits now a face a storm of challenges, from increased pressure on services and finances, to worries over staffing and the safety and wellbeing of teams.

Spring Impact is actively seeking ways to offer support to charities, social enterprises and funders through these uncertain times.

Change is happening fast

Findings ways to rapidly and effectively scale innovations that make a difference to people’s lives will be more important than ever.

Alongside the bleak headlines, there are many inspiring examples of collective effort and innovation. The ways that communities are coming together, the way that charities, social enterprises and businesses are responding, and the ways funders are offering support.

The need for many services – from domestic violence services and food banks, to homeless healthcare and mental health support – will be critical. However, it will be really challenging to respond to all those in need over the coming weeks, and also put in place longer-term support for communities and individuals to recover.

Scaling Solutions

  • Spring Impact is actively finding ways to use our skills and expertise to support those needing to rapidly scale up and adapt – we will be sharing our insights, tools and learnings
  • We will also be working with non-profits that require support to put in place the building blocks to scale afterwards
  • In the US, we are also seeking emergency contributions to help high-performing non-profits who can make an immediate difference
  • Finally, we want to highlight and champion the good work, and solutions out there, to spark ideas, learnings and connections

Get in touch

If you need to immediately scale, or adjust your plans in light of the crisis, then we’d like to offer our support, so please do get in touch.

And if you have any good ideas or work you want to share, please also reach out!

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