President Obama promotes the story of Hapsatou Kah

Empowered by the USAID | Yaajeende food security and nutrition programme, Hapsatou Kah is a teacher and entrepreneur from Senegal who’s fighting to end malnutrition in her community.

President Obama recently highlighted her story as being “a testament to what’s possible when we work together – governments, multilateral institutions, the private sector, and civil society.”


Hapsatou is a farmer, she shows villagers new planting techniques, makes fertilisers and provides seeds for them to grow more nutritious food, such as sweet potatoes, which are rich in Vitamin A.

She is also an entrepreneur. She prepares fortified flour and dried beans and meats, which she sells to her neighbours. As a community-based solution provider (CBSP) she has started her own successful business bringing nutritional products to her rural village, earning her over $45,000 USD per year.

Read more about our work with Yaajeendee here.


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