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  1. Scaling Social Entrepreneurship in China

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    As China’s economy transitions towards maturity, awareness of social entrepreneurship as a possible solution to the environmental, societal, and economic challenges faced is rising. This is a change in the country’s dynamics that may increase opportunities for scale.

    Organisations that were once struggling to be recognised, to identify traction in programming, or funding, are now finding scale in program portfolios, organisational size, funding, and most importantly impact. This report highlights trends, opportunities and challenges facing social entrepreneurs in China.

    The report was published in 2015 with generous support from the British Council – China, Centre for Innovation in Voluntary Action, China Philanthropy Research Institute at Beijing Normal University, Spring Impact and Leping Foundation.


    *In 2017 The International Centre for Social Franchising (ICSF) became Spring Impact. This report was created under our old branding and name.

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