Millicent is a seasoned admin/operations professional coming on board to support our global team of up to 20 staff with essential administrative matters.

Previously the Director of Administration for the Creative Arts team at NYU, as well as Administrative/MIS Manager for the National Committee on US-China Relations, among others.

Millicent also brings experience working for organizations including the United Nations Grail, the New York Department of Education, The Northeast Organic Farm Association, and Catholic Charities, among others.

Time among the diverse 10,000+ membership of the Park Slope Food Cooperative (the largest in the Northeast) honed Millicent’s networking skills and created her passion for travel. After New York, Helsinki and Reykjavík are among her favorite cities. Traveling internationally is not enough, however, and to date, she has spent time in 35 states, through 5 crossings from NY to California via Amtrak in addition to local travel around the Northeast and Canada. The dream to complete the 50 states, plus 5 more continents, is still in place, despite current circumstances.

Having benefitted from the opportunity to help international students come to New York, experiencing the culture and diversity of the greatest city in the world, Millicent has adopted that goal of increasing cultural growth in her own life. Work experience with the farmers of NOFA (Northeast Organic Farming Association) and the other New England Farm Associations – NOFA-NH.NOFA-RI, NOFA-MA, etc. — awakened her to the possibility of living near farms as well as in the city. She now divides her time between NYC and upstate NY, currently a Sophisticated Hermit (skilled at social distancing with distinction), on the isolated farmland, woods, and wineries near her cottage.

Roles with United Nations international groups supporting women and girls, and this year, as Volunteer Director of Develop Africa, a nonprofit that serves students in Sierra Leone, has deepened her understanding of the needs and services that must be provided on global level. It seems a mixture of serendipity and natural progression; joining the Spring Impact team at this time. The prospect of continuing to acquire knowledge and skills, while supporting community service on a world-wide level, is truly exciting.


Career Highlights:

  • Established, in partnership with Deloitte, a computer/job skills training lab serving homeless New Yorkers.
  • Established ongoing NOFA/Hilton partnership food donation program with Saratoga Springs local pantries..
  • In partnership with McGraw Hill staff volunteers, built rooftop garden for Bronx homeless residence.


Areas of Interest:

  • Women’s and girls’ empowerment
  • Volunteerism/Community Service
  • International Relations
  • Public-private partnerships
  • Market research
  • Data visualization
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