Kathy is an attorney and advocate dedicated to global development efforts to improve the lives of girls and women worldwide. During a career in law spanning more than two decades, she has advised many high-profile corporations, including Fortune 500 companies.

Kathy is a founding member of Maverick Collective, where she worked with Population Services International’s India team to complete a successful cervical cancer screening program in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India.  Over three years, the team screened more than 120,000 low income women for cervical cancer.  In 2017, Kathy, along with long- time women’s health advocate Celina Schocken, went on to found TogetHER, an organization 100% focused on preventing death from cervical cancer. TogetHER works with cervical cancer providers and advocates from around the globe to realize the vision of eliminating cervical cancer.

In addition to her work around cervical cancer, Kathy is a member of the San Francisco Committee of Human Rights Watch, as well as the Advisory Boards of The Undertold Stories Project and The Human Trafficking Legal Center.

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